Emmerdale fans spot important detail in Bernice fraud twist as exit plot rumbled

Viewers of Emmerdale are certain that Bernice’s manipulative actions in the most recent episode will result in her abrupt departure since they sensed a storyline twist in the character’s fraud scheme.

The newest plot surprise on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale has revealed that Bernice Blackstock (played by Samantha Giles) has deceived her sister Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler), and viewers have noticed a crucial aspect in this revelation.

Weeks after it was first reported that Samantha was about to leave the Dales, a new narrative involving her pregnancy began to take shape. However, there was no information provided regarding how her character would become up pregnant.

In the most recent episode, which aired today, November 10, Nicola returned home to find bailiffs breaking and entering her home and removing her TV, laptops, and gaming consoles in a van. It was pouring rain outside.

Nicola informed the guys that she had no debts and that she had never taken out a loan, which left her distraught and perplexed. Not even Rodney Blackstock knew the source of the loan.

Later, a nervous Nicola realized she would have to use Bernice’s laptop to file a complaint form alleging she had been the victim of fraud.

Emmerdale fans spotted a clue over what’s set to happen to Bernice Blackstock ahead of her exit next week (Image: ITV)

However, Bernice was nowhere to be seen when Nicola got at the B&B, and instead she found a note addressed to her.

Not only are fans certain that the story will end with Bernice leaving the community, but they also believe they may have figured out who the character is now in debt to.

One individual posted the following on X, the previous Twitter: “Don’t want Bernice to leave. It appears like she is about to go. She doesn’t seem to have had the B&B for very long. Hope she comes back to #Emmerdale

One more admirer commented: Who is calling Bernice? I wonder whether she’s dealing behind her back. “Emmerdale.”

A third speculated that Bernice was going to jail, saying “that’s definitely the dodgy loan company harassing Bernice on the phone #emmerdale,” and then said “so Bernice is off to jail #emmerdale.”

Nicola and Bernice are sisters on Emmerdale (Image: ITV)

Throughout the day, Bernice had been acting strangely since she kept getting calls from a “no number” when she went to lunch with Nicola and her daughter Gabby Thomas.

Bernice eventually picked up the phone and pretended to speak with her mother, but in reality, there was an enigmatic stranger on the other end.

With a distressed voice, Bernice promised to “sort” things out. Later, the figure vanished when she saw Nicola interacting with the bailiffs through the window.

When Nicola learned of her sister’s disgusting actions, she became furious and sat down to read the letter.

Nicola King was heartbroken and angry to learn that it was her sister Bernice who had committed fraud against her (Image: ITV)

I’m sorry. The mother of three said, “She’s gone,” as Tony Audenshaw’s perplexed Bob Hope questioned, “Who’s gone?”

Nicola said, “It was Bernice, the money, the bailiffs.” “She obtained a £20,000 loan in my name.

The frantic figure went on, “She did this, and now that she can’t face me, she’s done a runner.”

In other parts of the Dales, tensions between Tracy Robinson and Caleb Milligan are rising, with many believing the two will have a serious relationship.

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