Real life of Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne actor Rob Mallard – co-star ex, ‘worsening’ health condition and new role away from soap

The actor has spent seven years on the cobbles

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard (Image: Getty Images)

Fans of Coronation Street are currently yelling at their TV screens, hoping that Daniel Osbourne would pay attention to their accusations that he is being betrayed. On the ITV soap opera, viewers watched the teacher almost spill the beans about fiancée Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor.

However, further falsehoods from the couple, who have become close due to their shared experience of the horrifying acid assault earlier this year, have been efforts to confuse Daniel. When Daniel confronted Ryan, he acknowledged that he had told Daisy he loved her.

But Daisy refused to acknowledge that she had kissed Ryan several times and that they had shared a bed when she talked to Daniel. He did, however, apologize to Daisy and reassure her that she wasn’t at fault for Ryan’s statement, but he also departed with the impression that Ryan and Daisy would have to avoid one another going forward.

Since then, Daniel has sold his late mother’s house to pay for his own home, which he now owns with Daisy and their son Bertie. Daniel said that he believed Daisy when she claimed he had nothing to worry about, in response to Daisy’s questioning regarding whether he had done this because of Ryan. Daniel asserted that this would be the beginning of a “new beginning” for the pair, but Daisy was clearly doubting him.

Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, has been elevated to a prominent role in the soap opera, and this trend is expected to continue as more twists and turns are added to the love triangle plot.

Rob was the third actor to play Daniel when he first appeared on television in 2016. Daniel is the uncle of serial love rat Adam Barlow and the son of street stalwart Ken Barlow. The soap performer won Best Newcomer at the British Soap Awards a year after taking on the role.

Rob when he joined Corrie as Daniel with Adam Barlow actor Sam Robertson (Image: ITV)

Although Rob’s romantic life on screen seemed to be resolved until Daisy’s stalker Justin Rutherford showed up, he came out as homosexual in a 2017 interview with homosexual Times. He revealed his sexual orientation to his family when he was just 17 years old and “never planned to keep [his sexuality] quiet.”

Rob started dating co-star Daniel Brocklebank, who portrays vicar Billy Mayhew, shortly after he joined Corrie. Their relationship was validated when Rob won the British Soap Award. “Even though this is fantastic, Dan, you’re the best thing I’ve ever taken home,” he remarked in his acceptance speech.

However, the couple called it quits after just two months, with insiders attributing their breakup to the strain of juggling a love relationship with a joint career. Rob later dated Ben Perryman, but the two broke up in 2019. Rob confirmed in January 2020 that the relationship had come to a “natural end,” and it is thought that he was unmarried during the nation’s lockdown.

The soap opera star has recently seemed to find love once more, though. The actor seemed to make his new partner’s public debut back in June when he posted a picture of himself looking dapper and ready for the British Soap Awards on Instagram. Wearing a three-piece blue suit, he looked great at the star-studded event. But, he gave his ensemble a cool touch by wearing dark shades as he stood outside with his equally stylish companion.

He attended the annual event, which saw Corrie win big on the night with six silver gongs making the short trek from The Lowry theater to the soap’s studio in Salford. “British soap awards 2023 with @mattmarcm,” he typed below the photo with a red heart. One of the people who reacted to the tweet at the time was Charlotte Jordan, who portrays Daisy Midgeley in Rob’s on-screen fiance. As she typed, she didn’t even try to be neat: “You sexy b*ds.”
The couple hasn’t revealed their relationship, but they have been sighted together repeatedly, including taking a theater trip.

In other recent statements, Rob, 31, has mentioned his “worsening” health condition—which is sometimes misinterpreted—and how it helped him land a new employment outside of Weatherfield. Rob suffers from an essential tremor, which is a neurological illness affecting the nervous system that causes involuntary, rhythmic shaking of the hands but can affect practically any area of the body.

“I was diagnosed with an essential tremor when I was 14 years old, but I didn’t quite realize how serious it was until I was in my mid-20s,” the man has previously stated of the ailment. Rob stated, “You assume that shaking is something that only older people do, and most older people do have a slight tremor.” “Yet, it’s surprisingly widespread in young people and sometimes misdiagnosed as anxiety disorders or as something that random individuals would think negatively about.

Rob when he spoke about his tremor on This Morning (Image:

“They might think that you are on a comedown or that you’re withdrawing from something or anything when it actually is just brain chemistry – just something going wrong, neurons in the brain firing incorrectly and it cause involuntary shaking in certain parts of the body.”

Rob stated at the time, “By the time I’m 50, it could be in the voice box, down the spine, or the arms,” in reference to the tremor’s long-term effects. It could be quite incapacitating.” And Rob acknowledged that the illness was becoming worse in an interview with the Express last year. “It used to just be my hand but now the whole of my arm shakes, my legs shake, the back of my neck and head shake,” added the man. “It looks like I’m saying ‘no’ to everything all the time.”

However, Rob is currently working with The National Tremor Foundation (NTF) in addition to his acting profession. He was most recently named a patron for young people by the organization. The National Tremor Foundation is overjoyed to have Rob Mallard join the team as a patron. Kitty Reilly, the head of the board of trustees for the organization, said as much.

“With Rob’s lived experience of essential tremor and TV popularity, this will certainly go a long way to raising awareness of people living with neurological tremors and the impact this has on their lives.”

Rob also seemed ecstatic about his new position, saying, “I’m excited to be joining the NTF.” I am honored to be a part of their efforts to raise awareness and understanding of ET, since I have lived with it for the most of my life. I am very aware of the significance of their work.”

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