Jenny Platt blows minds as she reveals she is married to Coronation Street co-star

Violet made a return as part of Dylan’s storyline (Picture: ITV)

Jenny Platt of Coronation Street startled us all by revealing that she was married to another soap star.

Jenny’s most well-known role is as Dylan’s (Liam McCheyne) mother in the ITV soap opera Violet Wilson.

She just returned to Weatherfield after learning that Dylan was a member of a bullies’ group.

Violet berated Dylan’s father Sean (Antony Cotton) for being a bad father and made Dylan move back to London to live with her when she finally arrived.

Eventually, she broke her promise, and he was permitted to remain—as long as Sean improved the way he looked after their baby.

Jenny recently shared an Instagram photo of her husband Rupert Hill from his younger years—who also happens to be Jamie Baldwin in the show—talking about family!

The image was of Jamie from a Classic Coronation Street episode that aired on ITV3 during the weekday afternoon.

“Well well well, look who’s popped up on classic corrie!” Jenny captioned the image. How reprehensible was Jamie Baldwin, don’t you think? I married him, reader.

From 2004 until 2008, Rupert portrayed Jamie. He left Weatherfield to begin a new life in Clapham, London, together with Violet and a young Dylan.

But the couple’s relationship terminated in 2011.

Jenny revealed that she was “very, very scared” to take on Violet’s role in light of her recent comeback, saying, “It was such a massive part of my life and one that I absolutely adored and genuinely loved every minute of being there.”

She said, “Even though it’s a different building, it still has that same kind of family vibe.” “I’ve never felt like, “Oh yes, that’s it, I want to put that character to bed,” because Violet is a warm, compassionate character who has made a lot of mistakes, so I always feel like I can relate to her.”

Of course, if Dylan was getting into more trouble, I’d want to see what she could get up to.

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