EastEnders spoilers: Christmas heartbreak for Ian Beale as things heat up for Cindy

Festive temptation is bad news for Ian (Picture: Metro.co.uk/BBC)

Chris Clenshaw, the head of EastEnders, has stated that Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) should be concerned about Cindy’s (Michelle Collins) loyalty. It was always going to happen.

The intense tension that exists between Cindy and her former partner is expected to escalate this Christmas, potentially resulting in significant temptation.

Additionally, her intimacy with George Knight (Colin Salmon) will cause grief and resentment as Ian and Elaine’s (Harriet Thorpe) holiday season comes to an end.

Cindy has a history of cheating on Ian, and even though she has insisted for months that he is the right man for her, it is clear that she never really lets go of her previous behavior.

Boss Chris issued a warning, saying exclusively to Metro.co.uk, saying Ian should be concerned. Is he anxious? Most likely not!

We know that he was very afraid to go back to Walford after learning that George, Cindy’s ex-husband, was the owner of the Queen Vic; he evidently discovered this before she did.

Happy families? Nah! (Picture: BBC)

“I don’t think he should be confident in his relationship with Cindy, but I think he is very confident in it.” We all know who Cindy is, and I believe that temptation could seize her at any time.

Everything will come to a head as the volatile and still very much present feelings between Cindy and George, as well as family dynamics, play out.

Chris said, “There’s definitely a lot of chemistry between her and George at Christmas.”

“The Beales and the Knights get together for Christmas to celebrate Cindy’s first Christmas with her daughters and Peter in ten years, but what really shines through is the bond between her and George as they begin to reminisce about past Christmases spent together in Marbella—which is the last thing that anyone, particularly Ian or Elaine, wants to hear on Christmas Day!”

Chris, who is receiving a lot of appreciation for his work on the show right now, told us he is “thrilled” by the reaction from viewers regarding the choice to bring Cindy back.

Elaine, who already maintains a tense relationship with her romantic rival, will be less than thrilled.

Before Cindy and George realize there are still sparks between them, it’s only a matter of time.

But this Christmas, how far will they go?

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