BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Sharon is secretly working against Keanu in ‘revenge twist’

Fans of the BBC soap opera EastEnders believe that Sharon Watts is secretly aware of Keanu Taylor’s scheme against her and that she is preparing to get retribution before their wedding.

A hint that Sharon Watts may have covertly debunked Keanu Taylor’s falsehoods has caused EastEnders watchers to believe they have witnessed a dramatic development in Sharon Watts’ vengeance story.

In a recent scene from the BBC soap opera, Karen Taylor appeared as though she was going to reveal, in conversation, her and son Keanu’s evil scheme against Sharon. Some fans are curious as to whether Sharon is aware of the actual events that transpired this week with her son Albie, even if it didn’t look like she knew when she met with Keanu afterwards.

Even if she has linked up with someone in secret to take down Keanu, some viewers have questioned. Is Sharon planning to play Keanu first and exact the ultimate retribution before their wedding day?

After Sharon declined to include Keanu on the birth certificate, Keanu and Karen recently banded together to take everything Sharon had, including their baby Albie. In addition, she intended to leave Walford and her kid behind, giving Keanu little to no contact with her son.

The fictitious kidnapping of his son Albie resulted from Karen’s indignation and encouragement for him to do retribution. After Karen brought him to a family member’s home and Keanu left a ransom note, Phil gave Sharon a £50,000 loan to cover the cost of the alleged kidnappers.

EastEnders fans think Sharon Watts secretly knows about Keanu Taylor’s plan against her ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

After he and Sharon decided to try again, Karen has now hidden the money, much to Keanu’s ire. Only a few days after hatching a scheme against her, Karen couldn’t believe he was back with her.

She visited Sharon and expressed her disapproval of their relationship in no uncertain terms. However, when she said to Sharon that she would do anything for her child, it appeared as though she was giving strong indications that she was involved in Albie’s kidnapping.

Is there something specific that she’s referring to, Sharon wondered what she intended to ask. After Karen pulled a face as the action came to a conclusion, Sharon was last seen by herself when Keanu got home.

Although she said Karen had upped and departed, did Karen reveal what Keanu had done? Some admirers believe Sharon has been informed the truth and is preparing her retaliation against her boyfriend while acting as though she is unaware of it.

On Twitter, a fan wrote: “Theoretically, if Sharon does know the truth, then it would make sense for her to keep what she finds out next week (if it’s what we fear it is) a secret while stringing Keanu along.” Someone else wrote: “Here’s some delusional wishful thinking: As long as Keanu survives Christmas and is still Albie’s dad, Sharon knowing and getting revenge at the wedding could be a good thing for Sheanu in the long run.”

“It’s understandable that Keanu is upset that Karen tricked him into leaving the house so she could go talk to Sharon,” remarked a third admirer. And consider whether she may have revealed too much to Sharon there. If the authorities don’t arrive first, she eventually discovers who was responsible for the kidnapping.”

“For those who watched today’s #EastEnders… what we thinking did Karen tell Sharon the truth?” was the comment left by another viewer. Together, are they working? Will Keanu become his father in every way and gravely harm or maybe murder his own mother? I’m so full of questions.

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