General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Loses It On Austin – Dishonest Doc Better Watch His Back

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Loses It On Austin - Dishonest Doc Better Watch His Back

According to General Hospital (GH) teasers, after finding out the truth about Austin and his cousin Mason Gatlin’s (Nathanyael Grey) enigmatic boss from Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard), Ava Jerome (Maura West) will blow out at Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth).

Sonny reveals the shocking information that Austin and Mason’s employer is none other than Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Sonny has been wary of Austin ever since Ava revealed the specifics of what transpired with Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) and Austin’s assistance. She is astonished.

“How could that be?” she queries. Sonny goes over the sequence of events: The phony evidence that Betty Rutherford, the fake nanny played by Ella Lentini, finds and takes is planted by Sonny.

Not too long later, Austin just so happens to visit Pentonville to tend to an unidentified prisoner. Sonny ends up in jail.

He makes it apparent that he has no lack of adversaries inside the jail, but he also discloses that Austin was crucial in securing Cyrus’s release by attesting during his parole hearing that Cyrus would not be a threat if freed because of his condition.

Sonny goes on to say that his cousin Mason kidnapped Ava and was holding her captive while Austin was at the parole hearing.

Ava argues that since Austin was providing the parole board with his expert judgment that Cyrus was harmless while she was being kept hostage by Mason, Austin was compelled to act in that way in order to keep Ava safe and ensure her safe return.

Sonny concedes that possibility, but he makes clear that Austin never told Ava to be cautious, that he was speaking on behalf of Cyrus, or that Cyrus was in charge and in charge of Mason and him.

Ava affirms that she was never made aware of any of it by Austin. Sonny breaks the bad news to Austin: despite his possible feelings for Ava, his first allegiance is to Cyrus, a guy they both loathe and view as an adversary.

Ava recently found out that Nikolas is still alive.

Austin pretended to be shocked and protested that he genuinely thought Nikolas had been killed and that he had no idea that he was alive when Ava confronted him with the news. After all, he had been the one to confirm Nikolas’s death after Ava hit him over the head with the gargoyle statuette for threatening her and Sonny’s daughter Avery Corinthos (Ava & Grace Scarola).

But now that she’s learnt everything from her latest chat with Sonny, Ava is mentally reliving the incidents.

Fans of GH witnessed Ava’s horror, desperation, and despair following her “killing” of her ex-husband.

Ava trusted Austin to help her transfer the body because he was consoling and helpful, and he happened to show up at Wyndemere to warn her about Mason.

Ava recalls that Mason later confronted her, telling her that he now had Nikolas’s body, which had been concealed before going missing, and that if she didn’t want to go to prison, she would be following his and Austin’s boss’s orders.

Austin gave her the advice to follow Mason’s instructions and assured her that everything will work out.

She understands that Austin has most likely also been lying about everything because Mason was lying about keeping Nikolas’ corpse while he was still alive.

She trusted this man, this well-respected physician, when she was most vulnerable.

Ava and Austin became more intimate as a result of Austin’s falsehoods. She gave in to manipulation and was unable to recognize the deception.

According to spoilers, Austin is going to shortly divulge some really upsetting information to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), most likely the whole truth regarding what actually transpired with Nikolas.

Ava will be even more enraged by this discovery than she already is.

Not only would Austin be revealing the details of Ava’s attack on Nikolas and her attempts to conceal a “corpse,” but it would also be affirmation that what Ava has been suspecting about Austin’s falsehoods will come to pass.

No one can deceive Ava Jerome and get away with it; Cyrus, Mason, and Austin have all played Ava for fools for months!

According to General Hospital teasers, after pursuing Austin for a furious argument, Ava will be prepared to blow out and let her fury fly. After that, retaliation is inevitable.

For far too long, Ava has been portrayed as a diluted version of herself in literature.

The moment is now to unleash Ava Jerome’s full potential and all that she is capable of. Watch ABC’s General Hospital frequently to find out what’s coming up!

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