ITV Emmerdale character attends funeral in new spoilers after death twist tears villagers apart

Emmerdale spoilers reveal a funeral is on the way as a death continues to rock the village, with one couple on the rocks on the ITV soap and a family must face up to recent drama

There are new spoilers for the ITV soap opera Emmerdale that suggest one of the villager characters will be attending a funeral in forthcoming scenes.

One of the residents will choose to go to a funeral despite their family being split apart due to a recent death twist on the ITV soap opera. Although it’s unclear if the funeral will be seen on TV, it is talked about at the beginning of the week since one of the characters is trying to find closure.

After her violent death of her rapist Craig last month, Lydia Dingle will choose to go to his burial. After learning what Craig had done to Lydia, the Dingles turned against him, and tragic circumstances ultimately resulted in his death.

Lydia’s husband, Sam Dingle, thought he had murdered Craig when the latter attacked and left him battered in a field. However, it soon became clear that Kim Tate had been fatally injured by his horse, which had kicked him.

Naturally, the Dingles and the police are unaware that two locals witnessed this incident and abandoned Craig to perish. Kim said her horse had bolted while they were riding, and the police thought it had gone across Craig’s path and hurt him.

One Emmerdale villager looks set to be attending a funeral in upcoming scenes ( Image: ITV)

However, Kim and Sam’s brother Cain Dingle were present at the crime scene. Following some remarks from Cain, the two buried their tracks to make it appear as though an accident had occurred and left Craig to die.

Sam is left in the aftermath by Lydia, who can’t handle what happened. The family was shattered when she left the house because she thought she would never obtain justice for what Craig had done to her.

Despite Sam’s innocence, Lydia was incensed by the possibility that he could have killed him, in addition to the fact that he and Cain abducted him. Next week’s teasers indicate Lydia is searching elsewhere for solace now that she is unable to obtain justice.

When Lydia learns that Craig’s funeral is taking place the following week, she determines that she must go because it might be her only chance to get closure. Will she be able to move on, though, or would going to the burial make matters worse?

Samson, her stepson, quickly begs Lydia to return home since he is having trouble without her. It’s unclear if the two will get back together.

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