LOVE TRIANGLE Nina Lucas jealous as Asha Alahan grows closer to new woman in Coronation Street

Asha and Nina have been a couple for the past two years – is their relationship doomed?

Asha Alahan can’t stop talking about newcomer Isla, raising the possibility of yet another dramatic romance.

Next week on Coronation Street, however, her lover Nina Lucas could feel inclined to retaliate as she becomes more and more envious.

Like a looming cloud, deceit and heartache loom over Weatherfield couples.

Asha and Nina have been romantically involved for the past two yearsCredit: ITV
But Asha is growing closer to another womanCredit: ITV
Could this lead to her calling time on her romance with Nina?Credit: ITV

And in the middle of a dramatic affair disclosure, it seems like Asha Alahan and Nina Lucas are next in line for a painful separation, after Sarah and Adam Barlow.

It’s evident from recent scenes in the ITV soap opera that Asha (played by Tanisha Gorey) is falling in love with her new coworker Isla.

The teenager has been in a love relationship with Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) for the last two years, but this is one thing that she seems to forget all the time.

But the week after next, as Asha’s relationship with Isla deepens, Nina will be reassuring her that she still loves her.

First, Asha tells Isla that she will be spending the day with her doing homework, and they are going to have supper together.

Asha is informed by Nina, who is prone to worry, that she is envious.

Asha promptly reassures her that she should not worry and that she and Isla are only friends in response to this.

But may she have anything to hide from Nina?

Is Asha really unfaithful to her?

Though this is yet to be seen, Asha was taken aback when she discovered that, in recent sequences of the drama set in Manchester, Nina was concealing a secret of her own.

As fans will remember, Nina was aware that Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) had a traumatic split.

After Aadi made the decision to divorce her husband Darren, Courtney and she had an affair before officially dating.

However, as Aadi failed to live up to her standards and provide the nice lifestyle she had been used to, Courtney made the decision to part ways with him, having Darren remove her possessions from their apartment.

Asha and Nina were scheduled to have dinner with the contentious couple, so Nina was there when Aadi learned that Courtney had rejected him.

Sadly, she forgot to provide Asha of the information, which made Asha enraged when she saw Courtney and Darren together.

Could this be the cause of Asha and Nina’s severe rift?

Asha recently found out Nina has been keeping a secret from herCredit: ITV
Could this convince her to move on from Nina even further?Credit: ITV

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