ITV Corrie Carla’s shock romance with ‘relative’ on cobbles ‘confirmed’ amid Peter’s exit

EXCLUSIVE: AI now believes Carla Connor will find solace in Ryan Connor’s arms, allaying fans’ fears that Carla Connor and Peter Barlow will call it quits.

According to AI, Carla Connor of Coronation Street and Ryan Connor may start dating unexpectedly.

Since her 2006 debut, Alison King’s character has been a regular on the ITV soap opera for many years. She has since solidified her place in the hearts of the audience.

And it’s safe to say that during her time on the cobbles, Carla has been a part of a number of significant storylines. She is currently going through heartache on the soap opera as a result of Stephen Reid’s murder.

Fans will remember that Todd Boyce, the killer, took £250,000 from her company Underworld. Then, Peter Barlow, Carla’s beau (Chris Gascoyne), killed and chopped Stephen to pieces.

Fans fear that Peter and Carla are going to split

So far, Peter has been able to maintain his legal innocence. He still feels a great deal of guilt about killing someone, though.

Carla left for Spain last week in a last-ditch effort to salvage her company. Fans went crazy believing that Peter would cheat on Carla with Toyah after he appeared to be getting friendly with her back on the cobblestones.

AI reckons Carla will strike up a romance

Carla returned from Spain shortly after, but the trip was a complete bust. Due to the strain of the factory and Peter’s antics, Carla confided in Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) that she didn’t think their marriage would last.

In addition, aside from the notion that Peter and Toyah might have an affair, there is now talk that Carla might find solace in the arms of another person. Fearing that Carla and Peter would break up, Daily Star tested Bard AI, one of the most well-known artificially intelligent ‘creative’ tools in the world, to find out who Carla could fall in love with on the soap opera.

Peter is set to leave the soap later this year

According to the show, Carla and Ryan Connor could investigate a romantic relationship. “A lot of other factors, like the chemistry between the actors, the audience’s response, and the overall direction of the show, could influence this decision,” Bard AI clarified.

“They have a strong connection and have demonstrated that they care deeply about each other,” the system continued. Fans will recall that since Ryan’s horrifying acid attack earlier this year, Carla has been Ryan’s supporter. As distant cousins by adoption, the two are very close.

Carla and Ryan could get together, claims AI

Bard AI also added: “Carla has been shown to be attracted to Ryan in the past, suggesting that there is already a spark between them.” What’s more, the program also claimed that if Carla were to end things with Peter, she would “be free to pursue a relationship with Ryan without any complications.”

Fans have also echoed Bard AI’s thoughts that Carla and Ryan could strike up a romance. Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “I fear a Carla and Ryan affair will be on the cards after Peter leaves.” Someone else added: “Carla and Ryan are getting together, calling to now.” A third mused: “I would love to see Carla and Ryan have an affair.”

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