Emmerdale spoilers: Massive new Moira story as her life is at risk after secret from the past explodes

Moira divulges a very big information about her history (Image: ITV)

All of the soap operas, including Emmerdale, are becoming more exciting as the holiday season draws near, hoping to keep us occupied as we finish our turkey and mince pies.

While some of it is a continuation of enduring storylines like the Charity (Emma Atkins)/Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb)/Chloe (Jessie Elland) triangle, which is set to “reach a bit more of a crescendo,” show producer Laura Shaw has been teasing fans about what’s coming up over Christmas and into the new year. Additionally, there is a brand-new arc for fan favourite Moira (Natalie J Robb).

The producer said, “Moira is going to make a big confession to one of the villagers.”

She’s going to divulge a secret from her past. She attempts to assist the person she is speaking to in some manner, but what will happen when they discover Moira’s darkest secret?

Consider us suitably fascinated by it, then. If Moira is attempting to assist someone by sharing a prior experience, the secret she chooses to reveal will greatly depend on that person—there are just too many variables to consider.

We are aware that Moira killed Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney), which is a very dark secret from her history. After Emma provoked her about the murder of her daughter Holly (Sophie Powles), she threw Emma down a bridge. Adam (Adam Thomas), Moira’s son, accepted responsibility for the murder and fled.

Is this what Moira unearths from her history? Or will it be something we’re not aware of at the moment?

That much is certain—it won’t be a little matter. Laura informed us that Moira is taking a significant risk by disclosing the information to this other individual.

She cautioned, “If they blow it, Moira’s entire life could be in danger.”

This chapter will also introduce a fresh aspect somewhere when Chloe’s father shows up. “That will have long-lasting effects that extend into the new year and beyond,” Laura informed us.

A further plot point that has already started involves Rhona (Zoe Henry) being horrified to learn that her frozen embryos have been taken and that Ivy, a new baby, has Rhona’s DNA.

“Laura predicted that we’ll witness Rhona being pushed to her absolute limit and having to make a very dangerous decision that could potentially impact her entire family and alter their dynamics.”

The attraction that Tracy (Amy Walsh) and Caleb (William Ash) felt for one another—which we saw start when they kissed—will also have a huge impact.

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