ITV Coronation Street’s Charlie Lawson almost ‘chinned’ airport staff for ‘touching his genitals’

Charlie Lawson, an actor from Coronation Street, lost his temper when he was “touched down there” by security personnel at an airport.

Charlie Lawson, the beloved soap opera star, blasted an airport employee for ‘touching his genitals’ while he was going through security.

The 64-year-old Coronation Street star criticised the “intrusive inspection” and acknowledged that he “almost chinned” the employee. In a long video posted to Instagram, the Jim McDonald actor referred to the overly enthusiastic employee as a “little pr**k”.

“I’ve spent my entire life under constant surveillance and having my body searched, but these days it’s getting a little too much. Only sometimes,” he said as the upload’s caption, aiming his gun at the security officer. “If you touch me down there again, son, you’ll know all about it,” he replied.

The Corrie actor slammed staff at an unknown airport ( Image: Instagram/ @charliequintinlawson)
Charlie admitted he nearly ‘chinned’ the security staff ( Image: Instagram/ @charliequintinlawson)

Charlie claimed that the actor was called “difficult” by the airport workers, to which he only retorted, “I don’t like you touching my genitals.” Although the location of the soap star’s flight is unknown, the video appears to have been shot in the United Kingdom.

The TV veteran continues, “I very nearly chinned someone today,” saying he considered the entire experience “intrusive and bang out of order.” I just find it intrusive since we go through X-ray scanners and everything else, you know, and I don’t think we’ve had any issues previously.”

As they weighed in on the situation, fans swarmed to the star’s comments section to check on him. “I completely agree with this,” one person wrote. These folks on Security believe they are entitled by divine right to do what they choose. They have no right to ‘Touch’ others inappropriately, regardless of who they are. Out of order, bang.”

Another wrote: “It is completely unacceptable for certain individuals who hold positions of authority and influence to get away with such things. Some people are so callous and inconsiderate that they abuse others and get away with it.”

A third person said, “I completely agree. Since I’ve had two hip replacements, the alarm naturally sounds when I pass through security. They then need to arrange for someone to physically examine every inch of your body.”

Charlie first acknowledged he was “reassessing life” in 2018 following a horrifying stage collapse. In October of same year, while on stage in Edinburgh for a national tour of Rebus: Long Shadows, he suffered a small stroke.

He had already described how he became deaf, began to see white lights, and realised that something was “desperately wrong”. Charlie acknowledged that three weeks before to the event, his doctor had given him a health warning, but he refused to leave the show.

“I was in the middle of the second half playing Rebus on stage in front of 1100 people,” he revealed during an interview on Good Morning Britain. My first memory is that I lost my hearing, everyone turned blue, and I had flashing white lights in my mind. My psychiatrist advised me to talk about it, even though I’m not sure why I become upset when I do. It escaped me where I was. It was horrible. I simply sensed that something was gravely amiss.”

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