ITV Coronation Street Christmas spoilers for next week: Peter’s final scenes and character return

Next week, Coronation Street will include poignant Christmas scenes in which the cobbles will bid farewell to Peter Barlow and welcome back a beloved fan favourite.

Next week, Coronation Street will be setting up poignant Christmas scenes on the cobblestones.

According to spoilers, there will be tragic scenes in which Peter Barlow says goodbye to Weatherfield. A few other scenes are sure to bring tears to viewers’ eyes as one character will’return’ in a moving way.

In addition, the popular ITV soap opera will welcome a new character before the year closes, setting up a significant new plotline. This Christmas, the Rovers Return will finally reopen on the cobbles, and its proprietors are well-known. The main events on Corrie for the upcoming week are listed below…

Peter Barlow’s heartbreaking final scenes

At the end of this month, Peter will say a tearful goodbye to Coronation Street in a number of poignant sequences. After 23 years in Weatherfield, Chris Gascoyne is leaving his role as Peter at the end of the year. The ITV soap opera has now officially revealed how he will be leaving the Cobbles in a few short days.

Carla Connor and Peter will reflect on their lengthy relationship in an emotional episode before concluding that they would be better off apart. Will they be able to accept what life is like without each other as they eat one last supper together?

Peter Barlow will bid a heartbreaking farewell to Coronation Street in sad scenes at the end of this month ( Image: ITV)

Carla is seen trailing closely behind Peter as he leaves the apartment with a holdall. Overwhelmed by everything that has transpired, Peter is shocked to see his entire family present, save for Simon. Before leaving, Peter will say a heartfelt goodbye to each person in scenes that are sure to bring fans to tears. He will also make one last promise to Ken: he will stay in touch.

Character returns for emotional Christmas episode after teary exit

This Christmas, Coronation Street is expected to have heartfelt sequences in which a character will poignantly’return’. The popular ITV soap opera recently included a devastating farewell for Jane Hazlegrove’s character, Bernie Winter. Bernie received a three-month prison sentence for dealing in stolen merchandise. Bernie had been trying to help his dying son Paul Foreman, who suffers from motor neurone disease (MND), by moving the stolen goods.

Bernie had intended to enter a not guilty plea, but she was persuaded to enter a guilty plea because the police had photographic proof. This ultimately led to her receiving a sentence of three months in prison and perhaps missing her son Paul’s last Christmas.

Only recently, the hit ITV soap aired a heartbreaking exit for Bernie Winter

Paul and his spouse Billy Mayhew anticipate a quiet Christmas Day with a movie and a bottle of bubbly in upcoming scenes. When Gemma Winter, Paul’s twin sister, is unable to contact Paul, she and her husband Chesney Brown become concerned.

Feeling that Paul may have suffered a fall, Chesney and Todd smash down the door and enter the flat, taking more than they intended. Bernie, meanwhile, makes a charming “return” to Chesney and Gemma’s house by video calling the family from behind bars. They sing Away in a Manger together in poignant moments.

Rovers Return’s new owners revealed – and it’s a familiar face

This Christmas, The Rovers Return will finally reopen on Coronation Street, and its proprietors are well-known. After it closed for renovations, there was a lot of conjecture regarding the fate of the famous tavern on the Cobbles. Landlord Jenny was forced to return the tavern to its previous owner since she was unable to make ends meet. Before it was finally shut down for renovations, it changed hands multiple times, raising the possibility that it would never be returned.

The Rovers Return will finally reopen on Coronation Street this Christmas

Next week’s spoilers state that the Rovers have reopened and that the new owners are now known. Although it had been unclear if anyone would be able to step in, all will be confirmed during the course of Christmas week. In later scenes, Jenny informs Daisy that their offer to purchase the Rovers has been accepted, and the two begin to rejoice over their recent acquisition. The two, full of hope for the future, go to the café to talk about their impending reopening.

Daisy hopes that Daniel will want to reconnect with her when he comes to talk to her. Daisy also talks to Jenny about her conversation with the Waterfords. Jenny is overjoyed when they decide to reopen the pub on New Year’s Eve.

DNA bombshell as new arrival with link to another character makes debut

Before the year ends, Coronation Street will introduce a new character ahead of a significant new plot. According to Christmas previews, a present resident will be astonished to see a family member they were unaware of. The resident in question is shocked by a DNA bombshell, and soon after, a former character also gets in touch.

When new character Bobby, played by Jack Carroll, shows up and says he’s the son of Carla’s murderer brother Rob Donovan, Carla will discover she has a secret nephew. Bobby appears and shares the news that they are connected, just as Carla is struggling with her sadness following her breakup with Peter, who is departing the show.

Coronation Street spoilers for the end of December confirm the debut of a new character ( Image: ITV)

After he finishes telling his sob tale, his father contacts his sister Carla to let her know what’s going on. Carla offers him a few weeks to stay with her, but she quickly sees that he might stay when Bobby’s mother’s delivery van dumps his belongings on the street.

A little irritated, Carla decides she can’t abandon him without a place to stay, so her stepson Simon Barlow offers his room. However, Bobby soon starts to cause problems, which makes Carla unhappy.

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