ITV Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Tracy Metcalfe’s next move after Caleb Milligan affair

Following the revelation of their romance, Tracy Metcalfe of Emmerdale exacted revenge on Caleb Milligan on Wednesday. However, some viewers of the soap opera speculate that there may be more twists to come.

After their romance became public, Tracy Metcalfe of Emmerdale sought revenge on Caleb Milligan, but viewers believe there may be more twists in store.

Tracy had recently tied the knot with Caleb’s uncle, Nate Robinson, but the two had just begun their covert romance. Everything went haywire when Moira Dingle found them together and urged Caleb to break up with Tracy after they had been skulking around for weeks.

Tracy was devastated and ashamed when Caleb stopped their romance in the most recent episode, which aired on Wednesday, December 27. Tracey vowed to get even with him by telling his brother Cain Dingle what she knew if he didn’t support her nursery proposal.

“Maybe you underestimate me,” she cautioned him, adding, “I’m not messing around here.” Later, she shocked everyone at the pub by revealing that Caleb was going to invest in her nursery. Caleb was extremely unhappy with this announcement, while Moira was dubious.

Tracy Metcalfe sought revenge on Caleb Milligan after he ended their affair (Image: ITV screengrab)

However, it appears like there might be one more surprise in store. A few fans have speculated that Tracy could be having a child and are curious as to who the father might be.

With the impending arrival of Caleb’s wife Ruby Fox-Milligan in the town, things may get very messy.

Fans of Emmerdale speculated about Tracy having a kid on Twitter (previously X), believing there may be a huge mystery regarding who the father is. Someone posted: “#Emmerdale” Naturally, Tracy is expecting a baby shortly. There will be a paternity plot after this. I was shocked to see Caleb genuinely attempting to leave Tracy.”

“Tracy of course will be pregnant soon” one Emmerdale fan predicted (Image: ITV screengrab)
Caleb was left shocked after Tracy sought revenge (Image: ITV screengrab)

“I hope Tracy gets pregnant and it’s Caleb’s,” a second person said on Emmadale. A another fan wrote: “Cue Tracy getting pregnant and not knowing if Nate or Caleb’s the daddy #Emmerdale” .

“Will Tracy fall pregnant after her affair with Caleb?” was the question posed by another comment. Ruby, played by Beth Cordingly, is Caleb’s wife, and the episode implied that she would be troublesome.

“If Ruby believes Caleb, played by Will Ash, has finally found a family of his own away from her, it’s fair to say she’d happily destroy it rather than allow Caleb to be happy without her,” producer Kate Brooks teased Ruby’s arrival. Ruby is a dangerous woman who should not be taken lightly.

Caleb ended his affair with Tracy during Wednesday’s night episode (Image: ITV)

“Ruby is a pure force of nature who swoops through the village with scores to settle,” she went on. Ruby is fiercely devoted to her family and would stop at nothing to keep them safe. Her connection with Caleb is characterised by a fierce desire that makes it the most explosive of all.”

“Ruby is a character who pulls no punches and always makes an impression,” the producer added. We’re thrilled to have Beth join the show, and we know she’ll be a great asset to the town.”

Every weekday at 7:30 p.m., Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and ITVX. On Thursdays, there’s a special hour-long episode.

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