Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle in deadly danger as he crosses Cain ahead of massively violent showdown

Aaron goes too far in a bid to get what he wants (Picture: ITV)

When Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) goes to steal a car from his uncle’s garage in Emmerdale the next month, he is going to end himself in conflict with Cain (Jeff Hordley).

Upon reuniting with his mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter), the well-liked character—who has gained several enemies—was believed to be headed towards reconciliation.

However, he is headed back towards a life of crime as he teams up with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) to start a car-stealing business.

As fans are aware, Mack has been going through a lot after losing his beloved son Reuben due to Chloe Harris’s (Jessie Elland) cruel blackmail scheme. In an attempt to cope with his loss, Mack puts himself into working with Aaron.

In upcoming moments, Mack will encourage Aaron to steal automobiles with increasing audacity as they seek a more costly vehicle. The problem, though, is that Kim Tate’s (Claire King) business partner owns the car in question.

Aaron devises a strategy after learning that Cain is the only one with access to the car. Mack serves as a distraction when he tells Moira (Natalie J Robb) that their tractor went down on the farm.

Mackenzie pushes Aaron to be more daring in his scheming (Picture: ITV)

Aaron takes Mack’s advice and comes up with a new plan (Picture: ITV)

When Moira calls Cain, he immediately heads for Butlers, giving Aaron plenty of time to slip into the garage. Aaron is disappointed with the plan’s lack of success when he discovers the car’s hood is open and both wheels are off.

He gives Mack the order to stall Cain for as long as possible by text since he won’t let go of a potentially profitable opportunity. The tractor problem is quickly fixed up at the Butlers, and Mark, unable to force Cain to stay, texts Aaron to alert him.

Cain is summoned by Moira after Mack stages a diversion (Picture: ITV)

Aaron is not aware that Cain is returning to the garage since Mack is ignorant that his phone died before the message was sent.

In the meanwhile, Aaron gets inside the car, but when it won’t start, he goes to work beneath the hood since he thinks there’s still time to identify the issue.

Will Cain, however, make it back in time to discover Aaron’s plans?

That will have to wait and see, but this seems to be the start of a longer tale for the two Dingles, with a dispute that escalates beyond reason expected to land both of them in severe trouble by 2024.

With Cain out of the way, Aaron breaks into the garage (Picture: ITV)

But will he get away with the car? (Picture: ITV)

“It’s safe to say that Aaron and Cain are not getting along at all at this time,” Laura Shaw, the Emmerdale executive, previously told Metro.co.uk

“We’ll see some tensions between those two rising, which will culminate in a really vicious physical altercation between Cain and Aaron in the new year.”

Which of those will win out in the end? Who will prevail in this fight? It will be interesting to watch to see whether they both manage to escape unscathed.

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