Coronation Street spoilers: Damon Hay panics as he makes a discovery that could destroy him

Has everything gone wrong? (Image: ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) gives Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) a lifeline. But, when he gives cash to the gambling addict Ed, may Damon find up losing more than Ed?

In the last months before Christmas, Ed’s gambling addiction spiralled out of control once again, leaving his finances a total wreck. He even went so far as to pawn his family’s Christmas gifts, making it seem as if they had been broken into.

Michael (Ryan Russell) distanced himself from his father after learning this, but Ed’s sister Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) has supported Ed and worked to keep the family harmonious.

In later episodes, when Ed is ready to sell the builders’ yard to pay off his debts, an unexpected figure named Damon Hay shows promise.

Saying he’s taking his money out of the Bistro and can pay Ed to finish the work before the builders’ yard is sold, Damon offers Ed a job remodelling a bar.

Intent on exacting vengeance on Adam, Sarah’s former boyfriend, Damon made his way back to the cobbles (Picture: ITV)

Given that Damon has a history of illegal behaviour and cannot be trusted, Dee-Dee advises her father against becoming engaged with him. Viewers had recently seen Damon kidnapping Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) before opting not to murder him, so she doesn’t even know half of it.

Ed accepts to work for Damon since he thinks it’s his greatest opportunity to get his financial situation under control. Damon gives Ed a sizable sum of money so he may purchase supplies.

When Dee-Dee reveals to Damon that her dad is a gambling addict, he is taken aback and cautioned not to put Ed under any unnecessary strain.

After hearing her remarks, Damon is more concerned about his finances than Ed’s emotional state. What happens if Ed succumbs to temptation and wagers away all of Damon’s money?

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