Emmerdale spoilers: Devastated Mandy Dingle kicks Paddy Kirk out after he lashes out and humiliates her in public

Poor Mandy was hurt (Picture: ITV)

Mandy Dingle, played by Lisa Riley in Emmerdale, is a legend who enjoys nothing more than getting glammed up. The queen of leopard print, who seldom appears without matching accessories and a full makeup application, even has famous fans like Shania Twain.

Therefore, Mandy was never going to go for anything delicate and understated when she received an invitation to the vets’ ball that said to “dress to impress.”

Rather, she channelled her inner Liz Hurley from the 1990s, donning a striking black dress encrusted with sparkling safety pins over the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, she had not anticipated Paddy’s (Dominic Brunt) response, as he seemed at a loss for words—and not in a good way.

After Paddy’s strange reaction when he learned that Liam (Jonny McPherson) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) had shared a bed, Mandy was already beginning to feel a little worried about him. Mandy could tell he was uncomfortable, even though he was trying to hide it and seem like he was okay with his ex-wife moving on.

Poor Mandy was devastated to hear Paddy respond that she was at home when an annoying guy named Jules (Wayne Cater), who persisted on calling Mandy “Liz,” questioned Paddy about his “stunner of a missus.” Evidently, he hadn’t informed Jules that he and Chas were splitting up, and he seemed embarrassed of Mandy by not introducing her as his girlfriend.

When Jules made a comment about other people being able to dress correctly for the occasion, his disgusting attitude towards Mandy persisted. He was confronted by his PA Ella (Paula Lane), who had had enough of his awful attitude. She called him a “whinging scrotum” and threw beer over his head.

Mandy met Ella, and will quickly become her friend (Picture: ITV)

When Paddy arrived from outside the room during this, he found Jules angry, saturated in beer, and Mandy and Ella giggling.

He was furious, thinking that Mandy had tossed Jules the drink. In front of the startled party guests, he angrily yelled at her, calling her out for acting like a “old washer woman.”

Mandy walked away, very embarrassed, leaving Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Ella to correct him and explain out that Mandy hadn’t assaulted Jules.

Mandy was upset back at the Dingle residence and would not listen to Paddy’s explanations. He had instead made her feel inferior and ashamed, she said, adding that she had spent £100 on the garment “just to do you proud.” She claimed that Jules deserved a decking, but she’d been acting appropriately.

“We know I’m not this proper lady, but I acted like one,” she regrettably said.

Mandy requested Paddy to go after pointing out that he would never have treated Chas the way he had just treated her. Paddy objected, saying he was happy to call her his girlfriend.

Is Mandy and Paddy’s story coming to an end?

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