Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow and Tommy Orpington ‘affair’ confirmed despite Steve’s excitement

Steve is very unfortunate! (Image: ITV)

It seems like Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) head is about to tilt in the direction of Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn) on Coronation Street—a surprise that none of us really needed.

Tommy, the former football player, visited Weatherfield over the holiday season and struck up a conversation with Tracy, who was in the flower shop at the time after a fight with Steve (Simon Gregson).

It’s Tracy’s birthday soon, but she’s not thrilled to see a cherry stone cushion when she opens the gift from Steve. Retaliating, Tracy informs Steve that he may begin redesigning their bedroom as soon as today.

Later, Tracy bemoans Steve’s sloth to Mary (Patti Clare), and she begins to worry about if he’ll ever get around to decorating.

Tracy contacts Tommy Orpington on Mary’s recommendation to hire a professional.

At Number 1, Steve gets home to see his hero in the living room, much to Tracy’s surprise as she invites Tommy around.

Steve is reminded by Tracy that Tommy has been hired to decorate, so he must not get sidetracked. However, is it possible that Tracy will be the one standing in Tommy’s way?

When Steve sees Tommy, he’s shocked. (Image: ITV)

Tommy was forced to go back to his previous profession as a painter and decorator, which he had while playing non-league football. Interestingly, he is now unmarried. Not to use a euphemism, but one of our female characters could need some decorating done, showrunner Iain MacLeod informed us.

“Basically, there’s a story that develops where this charming, historically successful man walks into the life of one of our female characters and, shall we say, upsets the apple cart in a pretty spectacular fashion.”

It’s hilarious, but there may be some sad moments as well. Tommy Orpington will finally come off the substitute bench because it sets off something extremely significant for us over the course of the next 12 months, including a major change in direction for certain characters.

Is this evidence that Tracy is going to turn on Steve?

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