Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King makes a staggering confession as young daughter Angelica heads to prison

The guilt was eating away at Jimmy (Picture: ITV)

In Wednesday’s (January 31) Emmerdale episode, Jimmy and Nicola King (Nick Miles and Nicola Wheeler) were finally faced with a harsh truth before Angelica’s (Rebecca Bakes) court appearance.

After Sebastian Dowling’s (Heath) passing at the beginning of the year, Angelica is now forced to deal with the fallout from her choices. When Heath was driving, Angelica was involved in an automobile accident that claimed Heath’s life.

On the day of Heath’s burial, the teenager told Nicola the truth. Jimmy and Nicola have been frantically searching for a way to save their daughter in the aftermath, but they have finally come to the conclusion that it would be preferable to have her enter a guilty plea rather than tell lies.

Jimmy, Nicola, and Angelica had to deal with Bob Hope’s (Tony Audenshaw) intense, emotional anger once again in tonight’s ITV soap opera episode. He expressed his belief that their relationship will never be the same and stated he would soon be gathering enough money to buy the Kings out of the B&B.

Nicola saw Ethan Anderon’s (Emile John) reaction at the café as she was talking to Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) about how she believes Angelica’s character references would work in her advantage.

Ethan made the point that, notwithstanding Angelica’s identity and her purportedly “glowing report,” she is admitting to the crime of death by unsafe driving, and the court will be forced to sentence her to a prison term.

Heath died as a result of the vehicle accident that Angelica caused (Picture: ITV)

Jimmy came over to the B&B to talk to Bob. Jimmy felt bad and said that he had tricked Angelica into lying. Bob was understandably shocked.

That night, Jimmy and Nicola were at home, scared for tomorrow, while Wendy and Bob spoke about Angelica’s hearing.

Nicola said that she chose to overlook the possibility of a jail term because it made her feel better. As the couple was hit hard by reality, Jimmy and Nicola realised they had to be ready for the very real possibility that their kid may end up behind bars.

Speaking about what will happen next, Nicola Wheeler said, “She has a conversation with Ethan who says due to the fact that a death was involved, a custodial sentence is likely. This makes Nicola panic – which is why she comes up with the very strange idea of perhaps using Cathy’s illness as a way to make Cathy take the blame, suggesting Cathy bullied Angel into confessing when in actuality she didn’t do it.”

“Someone still has to deal with the fact that they unintentionally killed their friend while all of this is going on.”

And since they are fixated on the precise penalty, none of it is being addressed at the time.

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