UNDERCOVER LOVER Coronation Street’s Colson Smith reveals secret girlfriend in Celebrity Big Brother chat with Sharon Osbourne

It comes after Colson’s Corrie co-stars rushed to defend him and slam some of the housemates

Colson Smith of Coronation Street disclosed last night on Celebrity Big Brother that he had a secret lover in a conversation with Sharon Osbourne.

The ITV soap actor, who portrays PC Craig Tinker, startled audiences by disclosing information about his romantic past.

Colson Smith opened up about his love life on CBB last nightCredit: Eroteme
The actor shared his weight loss journey with SharonCredit: Eroteme
The soap star has lost an incredible amount of weightCredit: Instagram

In the yard, Colson was talking to Sharon and Louis Walsh about his amazing 10-stone weight reduction.

Fans are shocked to learn that the actor, who has kept his love life private, casually said that he had a partner.

Colson expressed his happiness, saying, “I’m happy with how I handled things and the degree of control I have over them.

“Because it’s like I have discipline, but then I also understand myself.”

“What does your girlfriend think of it?” inquired Louis.

Colson said, “She’s quite encouraging. She therefore always gives me just what I need to hear when I’m having a rough day.”

“Wow,” Louis continued. That someone should be in your life.”

She is definitely a good egg. She is, Colson remarked.

Colson has kept his girlfriend out of the limelight, thus it is unknown who she is.

During the conversation, the celebrity also shared details of his weight reduction struggle.

He said: “I lost weight when I was 18 through quite a strict diet and then, what I found was that I was gaining weight and then I’d try and diet again, the way I thought I needed to diet.”

Colson went on to disclose his drastic tactics, saying: “I would go a day and a half without eating.

“I would just starve myself until I became as hungry as I wanted to be…I used to drive to KFC and get three meals there. After that, I used to despise myself and stop eating for a day and a half. I continued doing this for months on end.”

“You know people who don’t have to worry about their weight, they have no idea how hard it is… it’s a killer,” said Sharon, agreeing that weight management is challenging.

Many Corrie cast members have jumped to Colson’s defence during his time in the house after a few of the celebs mispronounced his name.

The ITV soap opera actress Sally Ann Matthews, who portrays Jenny Bradley, was incensed that Louis failed to include Colson in his remarks about him.

Louis said, “That man from Corrie seems interesting. He’s a fascinating man. He is very knowledgeable.”

She was quite open about her dissatisfaction with X.

“The guy that was on Corrie”?

“You two are living next to one other. Put in some chuffin work.

“Talks a lot about him. Eugghh x #CBBUK.

At the beginning of the episode, Real Housewives star Lauren has also nicknamed him a variety of nicknames.

Sally berated X, saying, “Collister???? Is she really there???? obviously hasn’t looked into him or doesn’t want to. Inconsiderate.”

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