Hollyoaks spoiler: JJ gives Lucas a warning

Will Lucas listen?

Frankie confides in Lucas while they are in the village.

When JJ notices that Frankie is distressed, she interrupts her and tells Lucas to keep his sister to himself.

Leah and Lucas don’t see the urgency, while Ste is concerned about his family’s safety. Leah decides to accompany Ste after realizing how desperate he is, and she also persuades Lucas to attend.

Warren gives Ste a warning when he answers James’ phone: either he goes to Warren or they’ll come for him.

When Ste shows up to assist James, Murphy and Warren are already there. Following their successful escape, Ste and James are pursued to the summit of a multi-story parking structure, where Ste acknowledges that he killed Ella.

James and Ste flee as a brawl breaks out between the males.

In another scene, Cleo is asked by Abe how long she plans to punish Theresa and him.

Peri tries to soothe Mercedes’s anxiety as she is anxious about her impending scan. Mercedes and Cleo head to her scan. Abe turns up at the hospital, grovelling to Cleo for overreacting in the morning.

Joel and Leela are off to their own scan together, and things are looking good for them.

Mercedes is invited by Leela and Joel to their party at The Dog, where they will discover the baby’s sex. Mercedes decides that she too wants to throw a party. When Leela learns that Mercedes has chosen to make the reveal a joint party, she is not happy.

Joel and Abe end up on the ground as the balloons burst, and the brothers start fighting. When their mother Marie enters the room wearing Mercedes’ dress—which she had stolen—everything stops. When the fight rains down pink and blue confetti, the women are left perplexed, but whose is whose?

Author: Larkin Jonathan

Indra Bhose, director

Friday, March 15: James and Ste are both in danger
Friday, March 15: Ste gets a nasty surprise
Friday, March 15: Warren holds a bat
Friday, March 15: Warren starts to lose patience
Friday, March 15: Murphy holds Ste back

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