OFF THE RAILS Tracy Robinson drunkenly humiliates herself with ex Nate in Emmerdale

The pair have been separated for weeks.

After learning that Tracy had cheated on him with his uncle, NATE Robinson was certain that his marriage could not be saved.

What will happen, though, when the Emmerdale beauty drowns her sorrows and then makes a surprise move?

Tracy Robinson goes back on her word next weekCredit: ITV
Nate put a final stop to their marriage after Ruby told him about her affairCredit: ITV
The troublemaker has been trying to drag Caleb away from Tracy and the DinglesCredit: ITV

Last year, the once-in-love pair promised each other that they would work on their relationship as they walked down the aisle.

Regular viewers of ITV will recall that things have never been easy in Nate and Tracy’s relationship, as the handsome character played by Jurell Carter destroyed the romance by having an affair with his partner.

Though they had high hopes for a happy life in the community named after themselves with their daughter Frankie, adultery struck the couple’s marriage again when Tracy (Amy Walsh) wed Caleb Miligan (Will Ash), Nate’s long-lost uncle.

Earlier this year, at Belle and Tom King’s wedding celebration, Nate learned about the extramarital affair when Caleb’s estranged wife Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) made the shocking revelation in public.

When the truth was revealed, Nate was still in love with Tracy, who had abruptly broken their marriage by saying she no longer loved him.

After Ruby told him everything, he lost all hope for another fresh start, and he has since made it plain to Tracy that there is no turning back.

Finally, just like Tracy had done when he had cheated on her, Nate too made the decision to have custody of Frankie.

In scenes that will show next week, Tracy appears to have changed her mind about dissolving her marriage to Nate, despite her seeming intransigence.

Sadly, Nate isn’t as understanding as she would have thought.

Here comes a sober and hungover Tracy kisses Nate, but he turns her down right away.

But would he come to regret that choice?

For a few weeks, Tracy’s life has been getting worse.

Watchers may remember that when the Emmerdale icon first ran into Caleb, he recommended investing in her nursery idea when she was attempting to launch her own business.

But soon after, the friendship became more personal, with viewers of the Yorkshire-based show anticipating a pregnancy twist.

After the affair ended, Caleb looked to make amends with Tracy.

However, Caleb’s focus shifted back to Ruby when his divorced wife visited Emmerdale to look for him and their son Nicky, resuming their toxic relationship.

Caleb’s former mistress was upset when Ruby persuaded him to ruin Tracy’s business venture because he felt intimidated by Tracy and the Dingles.

Is Tracy able to gather herself?

Or will she be enticed to return to the Dales?

Is her and Nate’s romance truly over?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Ruby feels threatened by Tracy and the DinglesCredit: ITV
But can Tracy and Nate move past her infidelity?Credit: ITV

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