Emmerdale spoilers – Paddy devastated over sudden death as Aaron faces his terrifying fate

Conflict and tragedy next week (Picture: ITV)

Next week in Emmerdale, feelings will be running high as a family deals with an uncertain future and the village learns of a tragic death.

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), under pressure from shady doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), is compelled to tell his mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter) the truth about his gene test findings.

Aaron then confesses that he views the outcome as a death sentence as Chas is shocked by this turn of events.

Chas’s week doesn’t get any better however, as she gets entangled in a fight that is started by Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) and gets elbowed in the chest, which is where she is recovering from surgery.

Furthermore, she finds herself in an unforeseen romantic triangle as a result of confused Liam’s relationship with Paula Lane’s Ella.

Subsequent to the actual demise of Meg Johnson, the villagers are deeply affected by Pearl Ladderbanks’ loss.

Monday April 1

Liam makes a valiant effort to hide Aaron’s true gene test result from Chas despite his inquisitive questioning.

Chas is really worried by what Liam implied as he quickly leaves. Aaron reveals the truth by being uncomfortable when Chas asks him a direct question regarding the gene test.

Now that his mother is aware of the reality, Aaron finds it difficult to deal with his feelings and has immediately resorted to rage and denial. Liam is attacked by Aaron, who makes it obvious to him that he has crossed a boundary.

When Paddy, Rhona, and Vanessa learn that Pearl has died, they cry. Wearing the only pullover Pearl would ever knit for him, Paddy feels a strong bond with her.

The news that Vanessa will likely be called as a prosecution witness in Rhona’s trial has completely rattled her.

Jai makes an effort to conceal his remorse.

Tuesday April 2

Ella witnesses a beautiful moment between injured Liam and Chas as they both frantically try to talk Chas off of approaching Aaron right now.

Aaron initially exhibits resistance to Chas’s gentle approach, but in the end, he admits that the gene test result feels like a death sentence.

Chas hears the truth about Aaron’s results (Picture: ITV)

Aaron and Chas both realise he has come a long way when he is able to talk to him about his anxieties.

When Jacob learns that his father will never return home, he is devastated, and Victoria feels crippled by guilt at how her pursuit of happiness with Jacob has caused so much suffering for so many others.

Wednesday April 3

At last, Charity persuades Chas to risk everything in order to pursue Liam. Ella, meanwhile, is inspired to win Liam’s affection after Leyla misrepresents a previous exchange with Liam and tells her that he is only an eye candy.

Ella steps in just as Chas and Liam are ready to finally express their feelings to one another.

After they kiss, Liam can’t help but agree to Ella’s plea to start dating.

The wrong choice, Liam? (Picture: ITV)

While he’s shocked to discover he’s committed to the wrong person, she’s overjoyed.

After Liam tells Leyla about the confusion between Ella and Chas, she tells him to go find the proper woman right away since he’s ready to give it his all.

Aaron is reminded by Paddy that he will always have his back.

Thursday April 4

Belle texts Tom to let him know she will be arriving home late from work, which upsets Tom. He’s furious when his tracker app indicates she’s in a moving vehicle.

When Tom phones to ask where Belle is, she feels bad and pretends that she’s still at work instead of in the Hide. Tom is furious as he has his tracking app and knows where she really is.

Belle appears to be having the time of her life when Tom enters the Hide. While feigning amusement, Tom tries his best to contain his passive aggression and act as though he doesn’t mind Belle carrying on with her social life at the Hide.

Sinister Tom feels his control slipping (Picture: ITV)

Returning home, Tom becomes unstable due of his inability to manage Belle’s life. He becomes furious and destroys everything in his path.

Kerry promises to cover Amy and Matty’s wedding expenses, but will she disclose where the real money is coming from?

Moira expresses her displeasure with Claudette for upsetting Matty’s wedding arrangements. Claudette is disturbed by the harm her insensitive remarks have caused, but when she really apologises, Matty finds it in his heart to pardon her.

Ruby is incensed to learn that a single chat with Chas has destroyed her carefully crafted plans for a life outside from the village with Caleb.

Chas is left in agony after being embroiled in Ruby’s temper (Picture: ITV)

The reception Caleb gets at the Woolpack is friendly at first, but it quickly turns sour when Ruby follows him in, ready for a brawl. When Ruby unintentionally jabs Chas in the chest during a brawl in the pub, the situation takes a sinister turn.

Ruby hurts Chas, and as a result, Caleb openly rejects her and stands with the Dingles, leaving Ruby broken and alone. Ruby is sitting outside the tavern by herself, and she is really unhappy.

When Caleb comes blazing with anger from the pub, Dawn worries about her. Will Ruby be able to convince Caleb that she accidentally elbowed Chas?

Friday April 5

The night is beginning to seem like it will be the Kerry show as Amy gets ready for her hen party and Victoria gets irritated when Kerry brings out some nude butlers she hired.

Matty becomes emotional while on his own stag do since he is thinking about the future.

Ruby looks at the music, uncomfortable about what she’s done.

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