Emmerdale Spoilers: Tom’s ‘Next’ Evil Plan REVEALED- Targets Belle’s Friendships!

Tom King, the abuser, discovers his next evil scheme to afflict Belle Dingle, his wife. According to teasers for Emmerdale, Belle’s friendships are his newest target. Tom tries to push Vinny Dingle and Belle apart in the next episodes. Will his deceitful methods mean their relationship is over? Or will Vinny end up saving Belle? Scroll down to discover out!

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Tom Schemes to Break Up Belle and Vinny’s Friendship Pair
In Belle Dingle’s relationship, Tom King is showing his real colors. According to teasers for Emmerdale, Tom is seen as the ideal guy by everyone else. However, they are ignorant of this! Since the beginning, Tom has, well, been a walking, talking red flag. Tom has been deceptive and domineering, even though there hasn’t been any more violence yet.

The veterinarian has even resorted to cyberbullying, using an app to find his wife’s whereabouts. Belle is in dire need of a buddy like Vinny Dingle right now. Emmerdale spoilers claim that despite their close connection, Tom is clearly envious of it.

In the next episodes, Belle is shown hanging out with Vinny and their animal companions, which causes Tom to lose his cool. Later on, while Belle is at work, Vinny offers to mind her pets. Regretfully, Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Piper, one of the cherished canines, disappears. What comes next?

Tom takes advantage of the chance to act as Piper’s encouraging companion while Belle runs about looking for her. The dog is still nowhere to be seen. As for what this signifies, we already know! Vinny and Belle’s bond is precarious. And what do you know? That’s just what Tom wanted.

So, is he the one responsible for Piper being missing? He most likely did it all to put a sour taste in Belle’s mouth about her best buddy. We’ll have to wait and see what occurs. Return to TV Season & Spoilers for more Emmerdale spoilers!

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