Coronation Street confirms Nathan Curtis is returning to Weatherfield

Bethany Platt’s abuser is back on the cobbles

Nathan Curtis, the abuser of Bethany Platt, is set to make an unexpected comeback to Coronation Street, the soap opera has confirmed.

Everything is related to Lauren Bolton’s disappearance, but is he involved in any way? And when Bethany sees him again, how will she handle it?

He’s back and that can only mean trouble (Credit: ITV)

Nathan Curtis returns to Coronation Street

Ill In 2017, Nathan made Bethany fall in love on Coronation Street. He coerced her into having sex with his buddies after plying her with alcohol and narcotics.

As he attempted to transport her abroad to sell her to a sex trafficking ring, she managed to flee.

When Lauren’s final known moves are being recreated, Bethany will be able to identify him among the crowd. She was convinced he was still in jail, so it makes her mind whirl.

She is certain he is aware of Lauren’s fate after learning he was freed some time ago and is employed close by. Bethany is compelled to revisit her terrible past because she is determined to hold him accountable.

Is she correct, though? Is Nathan aware of Lauren’s location?

He, for his part, is committed to demonstrating that he has changed. But does a leopard actually have different spots?

This will not end well (Credit: ITV)

Chris Harper on his comeback

“I was emotional when I was told about Nathan’s potential return,” said Chris Harper, who plays Nathan on the program, in reference to his coming back. Hundreds of individuals told me during the 18 months he was in it before how the plot related to something they or someone they loved had gone through. As we move forward with Bethany’s tale, it is still crucial to remember them.”

He continued by expressing his gratitude to the nonprofits that provided the soap opera with plot lines.

“Once more, I want to thank everyone who has trusted me in the past, including Barnardo’s, the NSPCC, S.H.E.UK, and others. We have another opportunity to bring up a topic that impacts a great deal of lives and is frequently hidden in shame.

Regarding the Nathan role, Chris acknowledged, “I really enjoy portraying Nathan. In addition to being cunning and slick, he is also hilarious and vicious. He is currently under a lot of strain as well. There are so many twists and turns in this new plot.

“It feels great to be back on the sacred cobblestones. Although a lot has happened since we last saw Nathan go to prison, Coronation Street never changes. The entire team, including the actors and crew, seems like old friends to me.

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