Dawn Fletcher’s unexpected take on Evan’s diagnosis leaves her loved ones concerned

Dawn’s take on Evan’s condition leaves her family worried (Picture: ITV)

In recent Emmerdale scenes, Dawn and Billy Fletcher (Olivia Bromley and Jay Kontzle) experienced a complete upheaval when their infant son Evan was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Dawn was told to take Evan directly to A&E after seeing bruising on his legs. There, the paediatrician advised the anxious parents that Evan was a very ill infant.

Following many blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy, Evan’s family was devastated to learn he had leukaemia.

In later scenes, Dawn battles with his imminent chemotherapy, and things only become worse when, just before the treatment begins, Billy is called away to tend to an agitated Clemmie.

He discovers Rose (Christine Tremarco) waiting outside as he opens the door to go.

Dawn welcomes her in despite their tense relationship since she doesn’t want to be alone herself at this trying time.

Billy feels powerless when Dawn is forced to spend the night in the hospital by herself, leaving Evan.

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), seeing that Clemmie is obviously having trouble, offers to come over and talk to her and Lucas about Evan’s condition.

When she gets there, she addresses all of the kids’ inquiries on Evan’s illness and gives them a book to help them comprehend.

Afterward, they pay Dawn a visit in the hospital, where she makes every effort to persuade them that Evan will be well.

But as it quickly becomes apparent, Dawn really thinks Evan will be able to grow up normally, which worries Billy, Kim Tate (Claire King), and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

Will they be able to make Dawn see how serious things are?

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