SECRET’S OUT Ella Forster’s huge secret revealed in Emmerdale – but she’s hiding something even bigger

Ella heads to a care home – but who has she gone to see?

In Emmerdale, ELLA Forster’s enormous secret will finally come to light, but she’s concealing something even more significant.

Since the GP receptionist moved to the Dales at the beginning of the year, viewers of the ITV soap opera have been persuaded that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Ella’s actions in recent weeks have sparked even more questions, and fans will eventually learn the truth in forthcoming Emmerdale scenes.

Ella Forster’s huge secret will finally be revealed in Emmerdale – but she’s hiding something even biggerCredit: ITV
It’s revealed Ella has been sleeping in her car with no permanent place to stayCredit: ITV
Liam invites her to stay with him but when she’s spooked by his questions about her past, she later heads to a care home…Credit: ITV

It turns out that the character has been holding many significant secrets, so it’s not as if everything has been exposed.

In the aforementioned episodes, Ella becomes terrified when Liam, whom she has just been seeing, offers to stay at her house.

Although Ella is able to decline his offer, viewers will later see her sleeping in her vehicle on the outskirts of the settlement, indicating that she does not have a permanent place to remain.

The next morning, while on her daily run, Manpreet Sharma, a coworker, discovers Ella dozing off in her vehicle.

Ella asks Manpreet not to tell Liam because she is embarrassed, but when Manpreet awkwardly confesses to Liam later that she saw Ella sleeping in her vehicle, Ella becomes enraged.

Following considerable deliberation, Ella accepts Liam’s suggestion that she temporarily relocate into Tenants’ spare room.

Later, as Ella packs her belongings inside the home, Mandy asks her about her family.

Ella yells at Mandy after seeing an old picture in her hands, confusing Mandy.

Ella and Liam acclimate to living together and work through their relationship.

When Ella rushes off and won’t allow the photographer to take her picture, Liam is equally perplexed.

Before things become serious between them, Mandy tells Liam to make sure Ella has no secrets before they go out in the beer garden.

Liam’s invasive inquiries startle Ella, so she bolts from the home.

Ella goes to a care facility later on, but who is she going to see?

But who is it that Ella has gone to see? And what is her even bigger secret?Credit: ITV

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