ITV Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Simon Barlow’s dark secret as he spirals

Coronation Street viewers are suspecting there's more to Simon Barlow's heavy drinking
Coronation Street viewers are suspecting there’s more to Simon Barlow’s heavy drinking (Image: ITV)

Ahead of Simon Barlow’s departure later this year, fans of Coronation Street are beginning to believe there may be more to the ITV soap opera star’s frequent drinking.

Viewers of Coronation Street have speculated about the possibility of a deadly secret and a dark Simon Barlow twist in the works.

Recently, Simon was seen going completely insane, drinking excessively, and creating chaos, which included a drunk driving accident. Nevertheless, Simon made a vow to his family that he would turn his life around after almost going to jail, and he left the street after his father, Peter Barlow.

However, the character has started drinking again in recent episodes, and on Friday night, he raised concerns. After drinking all day, Nick Tilsley discovered his partner Leanne’s stepson unconscious on a bench.

Even though it was obvious that Simon was sliding once again, Nick was desperate to contact Leanne in order to assist him. But other viewers started to wonder what was causing Simon’s grief, fearing he may be in serious danger from rookie Rowan Cunliffe.

Some fans speculated that, in a sinister turn of events, it would turn out that he is connected to Lauren Bolton’s abduction and potential murder. Could his struggles and drinking be a sign that he’s concealing something sinister?

Fans of Coronation Street have speculated about the possibility of a Simon Barlow-related dark twist. (Photo: ITV)

“I am thinking that Simon murdered that girl, as he was drinking bad and was asleep outside her flat,” a spectator wrote on X. “The neighbours will point the finger at Simon,” said another.

It happens just before Simon is supposed to be tricked into joining Rowan’s “wellness institute” as he prepares to make her his next victim. Rowan sees Simon as an excellent target because of his prior trauma, and in following scenes, he attempts to talk Simon into going to the retreat with his stepmother.

Fans can’t help but wonder whether Rowan had something to do with Simon’s exit from the programme, since Simon is departing shortly and Alex Bain is leaving the role after 15 years. There’s a new notion that says that when anything goes wrong at the institution, Simon will be murdered by Rowan or possibly Leanne.

“Rowan is going to brainwash Leanne into killing Simon,” a fan said on social media. I feel awful, and I can see it coming a mile away.” “Oh yeah because Simon is leaving omg,” said a second viewer who agreed with the hypothesis. A third viewer speculated that Simon would become a sacrifice at the cult after being singled out by Rowan.

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