Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ who Roy’s new inmate is linked to – and it’s ‘not Stu’

Coronation Street viewers were introduced to an old friend of Stu Carpenter on the ITV soap – which airs on Virgin Media in Ireland – as he tried to befriend Roy Cropper in prison, but fans are fearing a twist

Coronation Street fans believe new character Roscoe could have a sinister plan for Roy Cropper (Image: ITV)

Following Roscoe’s revelation of his connection to another character on the ITV soap opera, which is broadcast on Virgin Media in Ireland, viewers of Coronation Street surmise that the newcomer may have a dark scheme for Roy Cropper.

In Wednesday’s episode, the guy entered Roy’s jail cell and declared himself to be on his side. Roy has kept to himself and hidden away in his cell while being held accountable for the death of Lauren Bolton even though he is innocent.

Roscoe, a recent arrival, made his presence known on Wednesday. Roy gave him the order to go, terrified. However, Roscoe said that they were friends and that he was there at someone else’s request to be his buddy.

Roy was informed by Roscoe that Stu Carpenter, Roy’s neighbour, had long been friends with him and had requested him to watch out for Roy while he was incarcerated. Roy expressed his gratitude to Stu after being moved by this and Stu confirmed that Roscoe’s account was true.

However, although some viewers were overjoyed to learn that Roy had a friend in jail, others were dubious of the newcomer’s sincerity. Some admirers couldn’t help but wonder whether he was interested in Roy for some other reason suddenly.

Taking to X, several fans hypothesised that he could have a covert relationship with this week’s reappearance of erstwhile villain Griff. Because Roy was friends with Lauren’s father, Griff, a far-right fanatic, is planning to attack Roy in jail in connection with Lauren’s alleged murder.

As Stu Carpenter attempted to make a connection with Roy Cropper on Coronation Street, viewers were introduced to an old buddy of Stu Carpenter. (Photo: ITV)

Even though they know Stu, viewers are now questioning whether Roscoe may be planning to harm Roy and if he might be connected to Griff and the gang. “Why didn’t Roscoe introduce himself as Stu’s old cell mate from the off, rather than all this faff?” said one fan on social media. I detect a rodent stench.”

“Why is this bloke so determined to be Roy’s new best friend?” said another viewer. as a third person commented: “I don’t think Roscoe, Roy’s cellmate, is all he seems.” “Griff getting to Roy by the looks,” said a fourth admirer, and another concurred, saying, “He’s one of Griff’s gang, isn’t he?”

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