Coronation Street legend Sue Cleaver announces return date to ITV soap

Sue Cleaver lets slip that she will be returning to Coronation Street in July
Sue Cleaver lets slip that she will be returning to Coronation Street in July (Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Sue Cleaver, a star of Coronation Street, has said that she will be joining the ITV soap opera again in January after taking a break to seek a role in the musical Sister Act.

Renowned Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver has revealed that she would be making a comeback to the show in January.

The 60-year-old actress, who has been Eileen Grimshaw’s onscreen character since 2000, decided to take a hiatus from the ITV serial opera in order to concentrate on her career in theatre after being cast for a touring role in the musical Sister Act. However, the renowned performer will now return in July. She said in a recent interview: “I’ve completed Sister Act, but I really miss everyone. I hadn’t been on stage in thirty years, yet I had the best experience doing that performance. I just decided to accept the situation and go for it. I thought, “Nope, this is awesome,” despite my fear and the fact that it was unknown. I said to myself, “Let’s just go for this.”

She continued, saying in an interview with OK!, “I had the best time. Everywhere we performed, there were standing ovations and packed houses. I shall really miss everyone, but you have to complete one task before moving on to the next.” She hasn’t ruled out doing additional theatrical work either, even after returning to the show. “I definitely think I’ll do more on stage,” she said. That’s where I began, on stage. My first passion has always been theatre. I’ve returned, and this won’t be my last time. However, I’ll be returning to Coronation Street shortly. I’m going to take a brief vacation before returning to Corrie in July so they can see me again. I’ll be back.

In July, Sue Cleaver reveals that she would be going back to Coronation Street.

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