Coronation Street spoilers next week with surprise return, new target and tragic funeral

There is also a potential new romance emerging next week in the ITV soap

Coronation Street’s Abi and Kevin Webster (Image: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, Abi Webster thinks she’s one step closer to discovering who’s behind the disturbing deepfake porn films. Actually, it begins when Bethany Platt informs Sarah Barlow when she gets home from her interview that she got the job, but she is dreading her first task.

Then, startled, Abi receives a call from Bethany at the garage telling her that she has been hired by the magazine, but the first piece they want her to write is in favour of Corey Brent. Later, after doing some research, Abi informs her husband Kevin that Corey’s father, Stefan Brent, is a board member of the production business that produced the documentary.

She further said that he is the magazine’s owner and that the deepfake videos were probably made as a form of retaliation. Abi and Kevin, who have reported Stefan to the police, wait in a desperate attempt to see their horror come to an end as DS Swain leads him into an interrogation room.

Then Bethany phones Abi in the garage and says she’ll resign if that’s what she wants, but having someone inside to watch Stefan may be helpful. After calling to ask whether she would truly want to assist, Kevin offers to lend Bethany her security card to Stefan’s offices, which she grudgingly gives him.

Abi questions Kevin the next day about his nighttime awakenings. He explains it to stress, but later uses a stolen cell phone to contact the salon and ask Max Turner if he can crack into it. Tyron Dobbs is reassured by Kevin that the footage he found of him getting into Stefan’s workplace via email is just another deepfake.

However, Bethany learns that Kevin stole the phone when she sees Max using it, so she instructs him not to involve her family in the matter. When Kevin shows up to Stefan’s workplace, Stefan threatens to put him in prison based on the video he took of Kevin breaking and entering. When Kevin comes to No. 13, he finds Abi and Craig waiting, which shocks Abi when she overhears Tyrone informing Craig Tinker that Kevin has been the victim of a deepfake video. Is he going to report Stefan?

Stefan Brent at the rear (Photo: ITV)

Leanne Battersby declares in another place that she will use her money to cover Rose’s funeral expenses. As George Shuttleworth loads Rose’s coffin into the hearse outside the undertakers, he notices Rowan Cuncliffe observing from Victoria Garden. An enraged Toyah Battersby rushes over and shoves him, telling him to go, telling Leanne to watch in terror.

After the funeral, Leanne acknowledges that Rowan covered the costs and that she doesn’t have any money. After Leanne leaves, Nick Tilsley is left in complete sorrow. Toyah then approaches Rowan and shakes him by telling him she would stop at nothing to reveal the horrible guy he really is.

When Toyah gets home, she finds Nick by himself. After he apologises to her for Leanne’s actions, Toyah sobs. While Leanne meets up with Rowan for an upload session, Nick carries her into his arms and they have a passionate kiss, not realising that a guy is seeing them closely from the abandoned builder’s yard.

Toyah loses it on Rowan over the burial of her daughter. (Photo: ITV)

Nick and Toyah decide that after enjoying an afternoon of sex, they should avoid each other as much as possible and that it can’t happen again. Toyah, however, subsequently informs Nick that they are forced to tell Leanne the truth about their short liaison.

Much to the dismay of Nick and Toyah, a smug Rowan is conducting a meeting at the Bistro. Toyah is cornered by Rowan, who gives her a copy of the NDA and suggests she sign it. Toyah is horrified when Rowan says that it will ruin Leanne, but he’ll be delighted to pick up the pieces when she makes it plain she won’t be blackmailed and plans to come clean.

Then, in a speech, Rowan declares that he is ecstatic for Leanne and that she has been promoted to level 5. Nick and Toyah look on in disdain as the members applaud and Leanne revels in her success. A policeman visits Toyah at the end of the week to let her know she won’t be prosecuted for burying her child. Toyah has a sense of relief.

Joel Deering confides in Dee-Dee Bailey, in the meanwhile, expressing his regret about hiding their engagement from his parents. Joel discovers Sabrina’s brother has been taken into custody after seeing her inconsolable outside the police station. Joel gives her his business card and requests that she contact him. Joel enters the building while Sabrina’s companion follows her, happy to have discovered a new victim.

Additionally, Bernie Winter is informed by Chesney and Gemma Brown that the boiler is beyond repair and that they must wait for the landlord to install a new one. Calling at number five, the landlord makes it clear that he needs a second opinion on the boiler. Later, Gemma decides to follow up with the landlord over the new boiler once again. After failing to get a response from the landlord, Chesney informs Gemma he would investigate the possibility of installing an electric shower instead of a boiler.

However, Gemma is quickly informed by Dee Dee that if she reports her landlord, he may be penalised for neglecting to fix the boiler at No. 5 and face legal repercussions. Will her suggestions be successful? Meanwhile, Chesney is devastated to learn that Joseph has revealed he has a prosperous catering company as he is being driven home by his wealthy mother, Olly, a school buddy.

Amy believes Steve feels something for Cassie (ITV image).

Additionally, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow, and Daniel Osbourne in the Rovers talk about possible care packages for Ken Barlow after his fall and worry how in the world they’re going to pay for them. After listening intently, Cassie Plummer offers to take care of Ken at a fifth of the cost of a professional. Cassie is ecstatic when Steve hesitantly agrees, since Daniel and Amy think it’s a brilliant idea.

Steve tells Ken that Cassie is a certified caretaker that they employed via a third party. However, Cassie’s admission that she had no training and had merely stepped in to help out and save the family a little cash when she begins work at No. 1 makes Ken secretly upset. Later, Cassie corrects Ken, saying that she never claimed to be qualified and that she was honest with Steve from the beginning. Will this be enough to win him over?

When Cassie gets to work at No. 1, Steve is happy to tell her that cutting Ken’s toenails is her first assignment. Cassie suppresses her disdain. Ken, who is enjoying Cassie’s company, proposes that they get lunch together. Laughing at how much Cassie irritates her father, Amy tells Steve that there’s a spark between them and that he’s hiding his feelings for her. Steve flatly disputes it, and Amy pretends not to be amused.

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