EastEnders spoilers: Cindy and Ian Beale face legal action as they plot to get rid of Dean Wicks

Ian and Cindy face legal action in new plot to get rid of Dean in EastEnders
Ian and Cindy have decided that going into partnership with Dean wouldn’t reflect well on their new business (Picture: BBC)

After Cindy and Ian Beale (Michelle Collins and Adam Woodyatt) threatened to back out of their business agreement with Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), they may be about to meet the long arm of the law on EastEnders.

After making an unexpected reappearance earlier this week, Dean entered the Vic through the barrel shop and headed straight for the kitchen, where he faced Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

The bad guy made it very evident that he wasn’t going anywhere by confirming that he is Cindy and Ian’s new business partner. Linda, who Dean sexually assaulted nine years ago, was horrified to see him and ordered him out right once.

When Cindy signed on the dotted line, she knew nothing about Dean’s background in the Square and his identity; Ian had to explain everything to her.

Ian persuaded her to change her mind, pointing out that Dean might honour his word and be a silent partner, so Linda wouldn’t have to know, despite her insistence that they must back out of the agreement.

However, once Dean told Linda about the partnership, the landlady hurried to No. 45 to confront Ian during Wednesday’s (November 1) episode of the BBC One soap opera.

Linda received support from some of her neighbours and friends as she confronted Ian and Cindy (Picture: BBC)

This was the final straw for Cindy, who knew that doing business with Dean was off the table now they know the truth (Picture: BBC)

But as Ian was having breakfast in the cafe with Cindy, Linda came rushing in to give them both barrels.

Ian revealed his dubious nature when he said that Dean was never found guilty and that, legally speaking, he had done nothing wrong.

Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) chastised her son for prioritising wealth over the inhabitants of the Square, horrified by his harsh remarks.

Cindy, on the other hand, was more delicate and pulled Ian out of the café after understanding they couldn’t work with a rapist. The two then met with Dean and informed him that the agreement was off.

Cindy was able to see through Dean’s cruel falsehoods, which included claims that he and Linda had an affair. Cindy reiterated her want to end their newfound collaboration.

Dean has Ian and Cindy over a barrel with a signed contract (Picture: BBC)

Dean urged her to “suck it up,” telling her that if they pulled out, they would be breaking the law because the contracts had been written down and signed.

Ian and Cindy were in disbelief.

Will they carry on their plan to do business with Dean, disregarding the wishes of all their neighbours? Or will they be able to permanently eliminate the rapist?

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