Coronation Street’s Ed Bailey Forced To ‘Commit Ultimate Betrayal’ As Addiction Returns

Furthermore, sixteen-year-old Lucy-Jo’s character Katy on Coronation Street developed a tense romantic connection with a man named Martin Platt, who was in his forties.

Her storyline—dubbed “Killer Katy”—ended with her killing her father Tommy before taking her own life during a special ITV week.

Fans of Lucy-Jo were keen to voice their thoughts when the character tweeted. A viewer posted: “I love watching classic Coronation Street, especially the drama with Katy.”

“I adored this era of Coronation Street.” “I was completely hooked and in high school at the time,” said another commenter.

While Joel Derring (Callum Lill) is invited to join the family by Dee-Dee Bailey (Shannique Sterling-Brown), Michael informs Ed that Grandad Sarge (Ram John Holder) phoned and would be spending Christmas with them.

Ed assures Tony at the café that he will give him his money today, but he can feel the anxiety mounting as he tries to pay for his coffee and Norris Cole’s (Malcolm Hebden) card is denied.

Subsequently, a letter telling Norris that his credit card has been stopped because of questionable conduct is opened by Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell).

Ed is terrified that his gaming will be discovered. Will Michael finally make the connection and realize that his father has once again fallen victim to the gambling trap?

The head of Coronation Street, Ian MacLeod, previously discussed the future for the Bailey family and acknowledged that the worst was yet to come.

“In the run-up to Christmas, Ed’s problems are spiralling and mounting and it will culminate in him hitting rock bottom shortly before Christmas,” the actor said in an interview with and other media.

“He is forced to do something very distressing for him and conduct what he would consider to be a terrible betrayal in an attempt to keep the walls from the door.

“It is really depressing from the perspective of the audience; Ed will feel as though he has let himself down in the worst manner possible.

This man is in a bad situation since he has struggled over the years and has been forced to the point where he does this.

It is unavoidably kept a secret for a while, but there is a gripping plot that revolves on the family finding out what he has done and being abandoned in the woods.

“The kids are engaged in a struggle of loyalty over who will stay with their dad and who will kind of drift.”

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