Amy in hot water after rapist kidnap as she is taken in by police in Coronation Street spoiler video

In future scenes on Coronation Street, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) is going to be in deep water because she is being investigated by police for her involvement in the abduction of predator Dan.

Amy avenged Dan in a recent episode on Corrie after seeing him tampering with a woman’s drink.

Amy started flirting with Dan when she ultimately persuaded her that he was dangerous, and they secretly switched glasses.

This indicated that Dan had consumed the one that had been tampered with and had quickly overdosed.

Amy had intended to tie him up and abandon him by the side of the road, but Adam Hussain’s character Aadi Alahan persuaded her to take him to the hospital, where DS Swain (Vicky Myers) questioned them right away.

DS Swain will take Amy in for questioning (Picture: ITV)

Soon after, DS Swain ordered them to return home and hope that Dan would wake up and share the same story with them.

When DS Swain gets to No. 1, a new spoiler video captures the exact moment when things start to go wrong.

Amy is in the kitchen with Aadi before she arrives, talking about what happened the night before and choosing their last tale.

After speaking with police the previous evening, Aadi acknowledges that he didn’t think they needed a story, but Amy suggests that perhaps they should just tell the truth. Aadi maintains that “honesty is the best policy.”

Amy is reassured by Aadi that she made the right decision in preventing a girl from becoming a victim.

Amy isn’t 100% convinced that Aadi deserves a medal, despite her insistence.

When DS Swain finally shows up, they are obviously in a panic, especially after she says that Dan has woken up and she wants them to come to the station.

When Amy tells him that he’s accused her of drugging him, he’s horrified, but Aadi jumps to her defence.

When they are questioned one by one, though, will their stories add up?

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