Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel brutally attacks Ryan in violent showdown

Daniel’s anger overwhelms him (Picture: ITV)

When Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) learns that Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) has slept with Ryan (Ryan Prescott), he is in for a major shock on Coronation Street. It doesn’t take long for his rage to turn violent.

Ryan doesn’t realise his camera is still on after he practised doing a video job interview until Daisy calls to tell him she believes Crystal (Erin Austen) is suspicious of them.

So it’s all on camera when Ryan says he still feels something for Daisy and remarks about how great their sex was.

Soon after Simon (Alex Bain) discovers the camera, he sends Daniel a link to it. Daniel is shocked to finally know the truth.

Knowing that Ryan would have stayed in Weatherfield if he had gotten the job at the gym, Daniel’s first action is to ruin his chances. Ryan soon realises that Daniel must be aware of him and Daisy after figuring out that Daniel was the one behind this. He alerts Daisy to the possibility that Daniel may have seen the video.

The truth is finally revealed (Picture: ITV)

Later, when Daisy and Daniel talk about Daisy formally adopting Bertie, Daisy begins to feel extremely guilty and chooses to come clean with Daniel about her relationship with Ryan.

She has to be honest with Daniel and acknowledge that she loves Ryan, but not as much as she loves Daniel, but she still tries to persuade him that she would never cheat again.

This only makes Daniel angrier, so he storms over to the bistro and gives Ryan a hard time. Ryan runs away, and Daniel follows after him. The two men start fighting outside in the street.

Rob Mallard previously informed us that Daniel’s use of physical aggression is a last resort.

He said, “Daniel is aggressive, but he’s not necessarily a fighter.” “He’s not hot headed to the point where his first thought is to use his fists, but he will fight when something triggers him or something he cares about.”

Daniel has clearly been severely provoked to act in this way, but to what extent will he go?

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