Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy Hope devastated by Bob Hope’s declaration after tragic demise

Cathy couldn’t believe what Bob was saying (Picture: ITV)

Following Thursday’s Emmerdale episode (January 4), the dynamic between Bob Hope and his daughter Cathy Hope (Tony Audenshaw and Gabrielle Dowling) is still tense since Bob holds Cathy responsible for the passing of her brother Heath (Sebastian Dowling).

To get to a New Year’s celebration in Hotten with Heath, Cathy, and Rebecca Bakes, she took Wendy’s vehicle. After pursuing, Bob and Wendy (Susan Cookson) found the automobile wrecked by the side of the road. Although Cathy and Angelica were slightly hurt, they had already exited the vehicle. While still inside, Heath passed away from his wounds.

It was reasonable to presume that Cathy was driving at the time of the accident because she was seen driving as they left the village by April (Amelia Flanagan) and the viewers as well. However, she has subsequently stated that the driver of the vehicle at the time was Angelica.

Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) wholeheartedly agreed with Cathy’s account of events and encouraged Bob to follow suit. However, Bob had second thoughts after Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) stood up for Angelica by pointing out that Cathy’s past actions had been unpredictable and occasionally deadly.

Bob continued to cling to this role in this episode. He informed Wendy, “Cathy has told lie after lie after lie.” Recalling the day when she had broken his instrument, he believed that Cathy had never shown concern for Heath. The guitar incident was brought on by Cathy’s extreme mood swings due to a disorder known as PMDD, which Bob was ignoring since it was making her angry and upset.

Bob later visited the collision site, where flowers had been placed by witnesses. When Bob expressed his distaste for the place turning into a makeshift shrine, Liam (Jonny McPherson) said that it was important for people to communicate and express their sadness.

He spoke of the passing of his daughter Leanna (Mimi Slinger) and how he was so consumed by his own emotions that he failed to recognise that other people were also mourning her. Gently, he pointed out to Bob that Cathy also required his assistance. Despite how he was feeling at the time, he had to acknowledge that the decisions he made now may have a negative impact on the remaining times in his life.

After that, Bob realised he had to see Cathy and went to visit her. Sadly, she had just confronted Angelica and was pressuring her to admit the truth about who was at the wheel when the automobile crashed when he eventually located her.

“Tell them I’ll kill you, or I swear I will.” When Bob heard her yelling, she appeared to be acting much like she had when she destroyed Heath’s guitar.

He said that she was “up to her old tricks,” intimidating Angelica, and pressuring her to confess a falsehood in order to keep Cathy alive.

“That’s what you do,” he acerbically informed her.

When her father argued that Cathy was to blame for Heath’s death and that she “cannot manipulate her way out of it,” Cathy was appalled.

Have Bob and Cathy been estranged forever?

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