Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy shocked to the core by Caleb’s latest action with her family

Tracy and Caleb worry they've been caught in their affair in Emmerdale
Tracy tried to take control (Picture: ITV)

When Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) came home to find Caleb Milligan (William Ash) taking care of her daughter Frankie, she began to doubt her love for him once again in Emmerdale.

After yesterday’s event, when Nate (Jurell Carter) discovered Caleb’s wallet at their house, Tracy began to consider whether or not she wanted to carry on her affair.

Tracy considered her life with her husband and the dangers she makes anytime her gaze wanders toward Caleb, but Caleb was able to hide so Nate wouldn’t get suspicious.

Tracy said that she enjoys her life with Nate and Frankie and is unsure of her motivations for continuing the treachery during a conversation at Mill Cottage.

Tracy became combative when Caleb tried to explain that she liked the way he made her feel.

Tracy was crying and sobbing as the talk came to a conclusion because she felt so guilty. Caleb advised her to consider her desires and that he would wait if they included him.

Caleb has been trying to get Tracy to confront how she really feels about him (Picture: ITV)

In Friday’s (January 12) episode of the ITV soap opera, Tracy’s troubles persisted when she got home and saw Caleb tending to a sick Frankie.

Nate requested his uncle to watch his kid earlier in the episode as he was having trouble finding someone else to care for her.

Tracy was afraid when she returned and saw Caleb and Frankie conversing since they got along so well. Tracy was only worried by his spending the day with Frankie because she loved what she saw, Caleb said to her when they were alone at his place.

Tracy was wary of Caleb’s persistence in pushing her to face her feelings for him since she was aware that if they fell in love and the truth came out, they would soon face the ferocious fury of the Dingles.

Tracy tried to create space between her and Caleb once again by claiming that while there is spark between them, it would quickly fade as the excitement wears off.

But Tracy’s attempt to seize the initiative was short-lived as she gave in to her desire and kissed Caleb.

The problem becomes more difficult the longer the romance continues.

Is Tracy going to quit dating Caleb?

Or, when his wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly) shows up, will he be the one to make the choice?

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