Frankie Osborne rushed to hospital in Hollyoaks after being sexually abused by twin brother JJ

Frankie was devastated after JJ crept into her room in the middle of the night (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Warning: There is talk of child sexual abuse in this piece, which may be triggering.

Spoilers for Wednesday’s (March 13) episode of Hollyoaks, which can now be seen on Channel 4, are provided below. The aforementioned episode will premiere on E4 on Thursday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m.

Isabelle Smith’s character Frankie Osborne was taken to the hospital by ambulance after she confided in a bottle after having an uncomfortable encounter with her twin brother JJ (Ryan Mulvey), who touched her.

JJ, who got signed to the under-18 football team, went to his sister’s bedroom after everyone had gone to sleep and scolded her for not joining him in celebrating his win.

Frankie, who was uncomfortable with his presence, agreed to celebrate with him later, but JJ insisted on doing it now and “celebrating” the way “they used to,” as he painfully closed the distance between him and his sibling.

JJ pulled Frankie closer by forcing her hands onto his hips and then placing his own on her waist, but he withdrew when he heard someone moving outside the door.

The serial drama on Wednesday resumed the next day, with Frankie still inconsolable about what had happened. She had scrubbed her face and neck well in the mirror and was about to go to school with her “brother.”

After hearing JJ’s announcement, she naturally felt sick to see everyone supporting him. As a result, she skipped school and drank all of the wine in a bottle that was in the Osbornes’ refrigerator.

When Nancy (Jessica Fox) got home and saw that Frankie wasn’t at registration, she quickly called for an ambulance because she was unconscious on the floor.

Frankie was left traumatised by JJ’s actions (Picture: Lime Pictures)

After receiving medical attention at the hospital, Frankie refused to visit her loved ones, even though Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) and Suzanne Ashworth (Suzanne Hall) were worried about her.

She eventually gave in and allowed her mother to see, but she was afraid when JJ showed up at the hospital. JJ asserted that she was only acting jealously because of his success, and he grinned menacingly while reminding her that she would soon be returning home.

Hollyoaks is tackling the common but under-recognised form of sexual abuse in Frankie and JJ’s story (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Frankie sobbed, scared of her twin brother because she knew what he was capable of.

In a plot on sibling abuse that features the characters in question, Hollyoaks confirmed to Metro this week that it will be exposing a widespread but under-recognized kind of child sexual assault.

Visit SARSAS, or Sibling Sexual Abuse Support, a website created by and for Survivors of Sexual Abuse (SSA), for additional information about sibling sexual abuse.

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