Emmerdale’s Nicky star Lewis Cope lifts lid on his David Beckham friendship

The Nicky Milligan actor, 29, says David Beckham is “such a nice guy”

Lewis Cope of Emmerdale with David Beckham (Photo credit: Lewis Cope on Instagram)

Since his debut on Emmerdale in 2022, actor Lewis Cope has been at the heart of many major plots.

His personality As part of a grand conspiracy involving his father, Caleb, Nicky leads Gabby Thomas. Nicky was unable to carry out the scam that was supposed to deprive Kim Tate of her wealth.

Nicky was just involved in an automobile accident with Ethan Anderson that left him for dead. Fortunately, Lewis’ life off camera differs greatly from his Emmerdale persona.

Lewis seems to be pleased with his girlfriend Rachel Lopez based on his social media postings. He also has a legendary football player as a pal.

The 29-year-old spoke candidly about his family situation when he appeared on Lorraine on ITV last year. He revealed that he is one of 14 children of broadcaster Lorraine Kelly. “Gosh, what must Christmas be like at your house?” said a startled Lorraine.

Lewis didn’t want to pursue boxing, despite having many brothers who are or were professional fighters. The Emmerdale star also revealed on Lorraine that he and David Beckham have an unusual friendship.

“That’s what it was about [my brothers and me],” he said. He requested me to appear in his advertisement for his fragrance, Bold Instinct, a few years ago. He really is a lovely man.”

The two have collaborated on projects before; in the past, Lewis posed for David Beckham Eyewear, the fashionable eyewear line owned by the football player.

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