Leanne drops a staggering bombshell on Nick in tense Coronation Street spoiler video

Soon after she divulges some startling details about Rose’s burial, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) on Coronation Street continues to astound Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah Battersby gave birth to a stillborn baby girl named Rose in the early 2000s after she was sexually assaulted by a guy named Phil Simmonds. Following the labour, Toyah stayed with Rose for one night before burying her in a park.

When Toyah discovered a group of individuals attempting to excavate close to Rose’s grave in an attempt to find Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), she informed Nick about her pregnancy a few months earlier.

In the most recent event, Toyah was mistakenly detained for the little child’s murder.

Now that she is free, Toyah has the chance to attend Rose’s burial and bid her farewell.

Toyah will find some more distressing information about Rowan (Image: ITV)
Toyah will receive further upsetting news about Rowan (Picture: ITV)

In the latest video, Nick asks Toyah, who seems anxious, whether she’s eaten breakfast in order to be ready for the occasion.

Toyah confides in Nick that she doesn’t feel much like a mother since she can’t afford to bury her kid properly.

Then, Leanne walks in and tells her sister that she would pay for a more elaborate burial for Rose so that Toyah may give her the send-off that she had always desired.

It’s clear that Toyah is shocked and is wondering how Leanne can afford this. It is untrue that she claimed the money originated from her savings account.

Toyah would learn after these moments that Rowan (Emryhs Cooper) paid for the funeral and not Leanne at all.

Toyah returns home and discovers Nick by himself. After some time of conversation, Nick hugs Toyah and gives her a passionate kiss.

But while all of this is going on, Nick and Toyah are blind to the fact that a guy is observing them closely from the abandoned builder’s yard.

Nick and Toyah decide that after enjoying an afternoon of sex, they should avoid each other as much as possible and that it can’t happen again.

Will this, however, be the case?

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