Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk takes drastic action to keep Ivy and it’s controversial

Will she regret it? (Picture: ITV)

Over the Christmas season, Mary (Louise Jameson) welcomed baby Ivy and her father Gus (Alan McKenna) to live with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) in Emmerdale.

Ivy is descended from an embryo that Rhona and Gus had frozen during their previous marriage, which is how she got Rhona’s DNA. Gus struggled to care for a newborn while mourning for his wife, and Ivy’s biological mother passed very shortly after the baby was born.

While checking on Gus and Ivy’s relationship, Mary discovered that Ivy was severely suffering from diaper rash and Gus was unable to cope. As a result, Mary was forced to take them home.

It was feared Rhona would get too connected to the child, and that is precisely what has transpired. Since Gus disappeared and left Ivy with the family, all of the family members have developed a close relationship with the infant.

Thus, Rhona’s first reaction to Gus’s unexpected call was to delay his return visit in order to get Ivy, and she concealed his call from Marlon.

In later episodes, Rhona will recognise that she must tell Gus the truth about their talk, and Mary will caution her that she must be ready for both Gus’s return and Ivy’s departure to live with her father.

Gus returns (Picture: ITV)

Rhona can’t take that result and makes the decision to speak with Ethan (Emile John) once again in regards to obtaining Ivy’s legal custody. She was previously informed that, despite their genetic relatedness, she had no legal claim to the child.

However, would she be prepared to accept Gus’s disappearance as proof that he is an unfit father? And when Gus shows up at the home, how will she respond?

According to Zoe Henry, Rhona is prepared to take “fairly drastic” measures in order to retain Ivy.

If someone had threatened you by asking, “Well, this isn’t your baby, is it?” Despite the fact that you have cared for it for two months and that it is your biological property due to its DNA, you will never get to see it again.

“You know, I think I would probably get pretty drastic as well in that moment,” she said.

It is that primordial thing; it is her child.

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