WHAT’S UP DOC? Liam Cavanagh heartbroken by Chas Dingle news in Emmerdale

The village GP has been romantically bonding with Chas.

When Liam Cavanagh disclosed that he discovered a lump in Chas Dingle’s breast during a mid-romp, she had the scare of her life.

Next week, Lucy Pargeter’s character, the Emmerdale legend, will get startling news that will break her new beau’s heart.

Liam Cavanagh is devastated for Chas Dingle next weekCredit: ITV
The soap legend receives shocking newsCredit: ITV
She was first dismissive of Liam’s concerns for her healthCredit: ITV

In recent scenes from the ITV soap opera, Chas has been canoodling with another guy in an attempt to escape reality once again.

Those who regularly watch the drama set in Yorkshire will recall that the Woolpack bar manager had already started an intense relationship with the late Al Chapman when she received the news that her mother, Faith Dingle, had breast cancer.

This time, however, Chas was forced to face the music when she discovered a lump in her breast and was urged to be checked out by her new lover, Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson).

The next week, Chas gets a call to confirm her afternoon hospital appointment.

Her one confidant, Liam, is overjoyed when she invites him to go with her.

When Chas finds out she has triple negative cancer while at her visit, she is very shocked and finally confides in Liam about her condition.

Despite her best efforts to seem tough, it’s obvious that she’s having difficulty, and Chas starts to withdraw in an effort to cope—and maybe deny the truth of her diagnosis.

As she struggles to maintain her calm, she tells Liam to leave her alone so that she may weep after he leaves.

When her ex-husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) brings their daughter Eve the next day, he notices something is amiss with Chas, but she quickly covers it up.

Later on in the day, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), who has had her fair share of secrets to maintain in recent months, also feels something is off.

Thankfully, Liam overhears from the Woolpack hallway as Chas finally confides in Lydia.

It’s bittersweet to hear her speak, even if he’s happy that he’s no longer her only confidant.

In other sequences, Chas searches her phone for information on her cancer diagnosis. What will she discover, though?

When Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) discovers that Liam and Chas are developing romantic feelings, she coerces them into going on a double date at the Woolpack, which causes uncomfortable tension between them.

Will Chas, however, accept Liam’s backing?

Liam has been a free agent for a few months after his separation from previous wife Leyla Harding, while Chas has been alone since her marriage to Paddy Kirk ended.

When the wedding planner’s cocaine addiction spiralled out of hand, the couple made the decision to split.

After that, Liam started seeing Wendy Posner, but she ultimately decided to put her relationship with Bob Hope first.

Is his romance with Chas doomed?

Chas finds another person to be open with about her worriesCredit: ITV
How can Lydia help her?Credit: ITV

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