3 big Coronation Street spoilers – Paul’s health declines, lies exposed and robbery horror

Looks like another exciting week of drama is in store for fans of Coronation Street, as they will witness a startling theft on the cobbles and Daisy Midgeley’s lies finally coming back to haunt her.

Paul Foreman’s health takes a decline

The most recent ITV soap opera spoilers indicate that Coronation Street’s residents should expect some dramatic events in Weatherfield. After receiving an MND diagnosis last year, Peter Ash’s character Paul Foreman appears to be losing ground.

The family tries to enjoy a fun-filled evening as they get ready to say goodbye to Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby). But as his health deteriorates, Paul finds it difficult to fit in with people around him.

In another scene, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) receives an unexpected visitor, which leaves her stunned. Could the barmaid’s claims about the money needed to purchase the Rovers come undone as they talk to Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott)?

Next week, a major plot point involving the famous pub will also revolve around someone deciding to rob the cash registers. Is she in danger, though, since Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) keeps interrupting them?

Here’s a preview of what will be happening on the cobbles this coming week [March 18].

Paul’s health takes a sudden decline

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) offers to make roast supper for everyone to commemorate Summer’s impending big milestone after she books her flight to Boston.

Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove), in the meantime, drives Paul to his speech therapy appointment.

They discover, regretfully, that Paul’s speech and capacity for solid food have now declined. Paul’s therapist thinks that he may need to start utilizing a feeding tube at this point.

They inform the family of their return when they get home. Paul is too afraid of choking to eat solid meals anymore.

Observing the distress, Paul reassures Summer and Billy that he will be alright if they puree his food.

Billy, Summer, Bernie, and Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) dig into the roast as the festivities get underway, while Paul works on his bowl of puréed food.

Paul fights back tears as he watches his family clear their plates.

Daisy Midgeley’s lies unravel

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) and Daisy are shocked to receive a telegram from Daisy’s mother Christina (Amy Robbins) announcing her two-week visit.

Ryan, however, is taken aback when Daisy proposes Christina pay a visit to her buddy in Amsterdam after he witnesses her informing her mother she is not welcome there.

Later, Christina returns to the Rovers and says she has nowhere to stay because her passport has expired.

Ryan, feeling sorry for her, tells her to remain and get a drink because it’s the least they can do considering how much money she lent them to purchase the pub.

But even though Christina was aware that she had not done so, she was nonetheless fascinated.

Will she expose Jenny and Daisy’s deception about the true source of the money?

Glenda interrupts Rovers robbery

Jenny has arranged to have supper with Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox), and Daisy and Ryan are leaving, so Glenda agrees to throw a speed dating event at the Rovers.

Still, it appears that the singletons are lacking in romance—well, except for Christina, who seems to have a thing for a tattoo man.

Glenda goes through to the bar after the pub closes and the evening is finished. Even so, she’s shocked to see masked robbers robbing the cash register.

Startled by the interruption, one of the men tells Glenda to get on the ground. Terrified, Glenda obeys.

Glenda is left scared and in tears as she contacts the police as the burglars flee with the stolen items.

When Jenny gets home, she is shocked to learn that they have been broken into. Glenda tries to put on a brave face the following day, but Jenny is adamant that she take the morning off from work.

Later on, Paul and Billy phone the Rovers to pick up Paul’s laptop, only to find out later that it was among the things the burglars stole.

When the tavern closes, Glenda, feeling awful about everything, offers Jenny and Daisy a nightcap.

But on her way to the pub, she can’t help but think back on the terrible things that happened the previous evening, and it’s obvious that they’re wearing on her.

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