CORRIE ON Here’s where you recognise Coronation Street’s Felix from as fans slam his soap debut

He has appeared on a number of TV and film roles

CORONATION Street viewers were left doing a double take as new character Felix made his debut on the cobbles this week.

On Thursday’s episode, Summer Spellman reunited to see Paul (Peter Ash) as he continues to deteriorate from Motor neurone disease.

Summer Spellman introduced new boyfriend Felix to her family this weekCredit: ITV
Corrie fans were left doing a double take at the actorCredit: ITV
Corrie have signed Robin Morrissey to bring a little Hollywood sparkle to the cobblesCredit: Rex

Felix, a PHD student and her new lover, joined her after she returned from university.

However, a few ITV viewers were certain that they had already seen Felix, and they would be correct.

Earlier this month, The Sun reported that Corrie recruited Robin Morrissey to add a bit Hollywood glitz to the cobbles.

The character will make many appearances as he assists Summer in readjusting to life in Weatherfield after spending the previous few months studying in Los Angeles.

When she relocated to America for her education, she had to make the difficult choice to abandon her dad, who had motor neurone illness.

Felix and Summer seem to be in a committed relationship, however it’s unclear what his goals are.

Having starred in the very successful film Cloud Atlas, Robin has lived in Tinseltown for a long time.

It was his first time performing professionally, and he acted in the movie with Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, and Halle Berry.

Over the course of his career, he has since starred in several TV and movie roles.

For viewers of soap operas, he is most known for his portrayal as Will Hurran, who is the nephew of Jimmi Clay.

During his tenure on the soap opera, Robin’s character had many major plots, one of which was his coming out as homosexual in a heartfelt way.

actor from Liverpool Also, Robin made appearances in all two seasons of the popular ITV police drama The Tower.

He portrays Sgt. Fred Thompson in the role.

Among his other TV appearances are frequent parts in the critically acclaimed four-part series Little Crackers and Apple Tree Yard.

Despite the fact that Robin is a highly regarded actor, a large number of Corrie fans expressed their displeasure with Summer’s new boyfriend on social media.

“Summer’s boyfriend looks like a right drip!” an admirer said.

Another viewer said, “Summer please get rid of that boyfriend, he’s cringing me the f*** out.”

“Summer’s boyfriend is an absolute plonker!” said a third person.

He starred in Cloud Atlas which was his first professional jobCredit: Warner Bros
Robin played Will in Doctors and he also appeared in police drama The TowerCredit: BBC

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